Video editing is a trend nowadays since everyone is creating videos either on YouTube or for further short video platforms. Also, there are a lot of guys who are using the Video Editing platform just for fun. Video editing is a damn funny way of expressing feelings, memories, and enormous funny moments. Till the last decade, video editing task was only possible on large systems and computers, but nowadays, you can edit videos directly with your pocket gadget – Smartphone. There are a lot of video editors available in the market for android devices such as VivaVideo, PowerDirector, Inshot, Adobe Premiere Rush, and much more.


In the series of the best video editors created for android phones, today we’re here with one of the most loved video editing applications – VivaVideo. VivaVideo is one of the most trustworthy and most reliable video editing ever created for android apps since it comes with a damn brilliant user interface as well as a vast collection of artistic tools. Everyone is missing VivaVideo since they deleted their application from Google Play Store and there are a lot of users who want it back as it earned a lot of fame from the Indian as well as the global crowd.

VivaVideo application consists of tremendous primary as well as professional video editing tools which will make you fall in love with it. Tools like trimmer, cropper, music attacher, video stabilizer, chroma-key, and many more tools are available in the VivaVideo application. It consists of around 200 distinct exceptional video editing tools that can provide you with the same experience as the highly developed Adobe editors.

You can do a lot of things with the VivaVideo video editor since it’s an all-in-one toolbox for editing. You can create videos with professional filters, add music to videos, add music to photos, make a photo collage, and also you can make slideshows by using this application. Apart from all these tools, the VivaVideo community also provides you with a vast collection of paid resources such as filters, backgrounds, stickers, and many more assets that you can use while editing videos through it.


Vivavideo is one of the best video editing apps available for android devices. Millions of users are using the VivaVideo application as their default video editing application on their android devices. VivaVideo is an outstanding video editor app which is developed by renowned top developers. Well, there are still enormous competitors in front of this app, and even they’ve discontinued their app on the Google Play Store. So the craze of this app is growing wild day by day since all its old users need it back on the Google Play Store, and also it has conquered tremendous new users. For editing videos through this app, firstly you’ll have to record some attractive clips, and then you can easily edit them. Well, this video creator app can provide you with enormous professional artistic tools that you won’t get in any other android video editor application.

So let’s get back to the interface of the application, the VivaVideo application provides you with a damn perfect and comfortable user interface which makes editing creative as well as a simple task. For interface, when you start the app, you’ll receive three total tabs with a lot of options listed there such as edit, my drafts, slideshow, and much more. By using this app, you can easily choose an appropriate tool for what you want on the homepage only. In simple words, it means, that if you want to add text to your video, you’ll get an option on the home page to add text, if you wanna convert video to audio, you can also do that directly through the home page and much more. You can also discover a variety of different effects, templates, themes, filters, and enormous other resources on the homepage.

However, for getting access to all the professional tools, effects, slideshow, and resources, you must have to subscribe to its VIP subscription first. Since on the free version, you’ll only receive regular filters and conventional tools such as trimming videos, adjusting speed, voice changer, a few font styles, and all the primary editing tools. Whereas the VIP subscription of VivaVideo can provide you with a 4K HD export service as well as professional tools like Mosaic, Keyframe, video to audio converter, voice changer, custom watermark, and many more tools. Apart from all these tools, you’ll also receive all the paid resources with this subscription, such as VIP themes, VIP filters, VIP stickers, VIP text styles, and much more.


VivaVideo Pro APK

VivaVideo Pro APK is the modified version of the Vivavideo official application. Basically, the main reason behind recreating this application is to provide you with all the VIP features of the VivaVideo android video editor app with all its tools unlocked free of cost. Well, enormous editors were missing the VivaVideo editor after getting deleted from the Google Play Store. So if you already have used this service below and want it back, then you’re on the right website. Here in this article, you will get the updated, and genuine version of VivaVideo MOD APK with some scripts enabled for providing you with all the premium and paid features free of cost.

Moreover, you can also download this app from another app store and subscribe to its VIP version by paying 350.00 INR monthly or 1650.00 INR annually. But there are still a lot of students, professionals, and regular editors who aren’t able to spend this much money just for getting video editing tools. So for all our users, today we’re here with our new modified app, VivaVideo Pro APK MOD in which you’ll get the VIP subscription embedded as well as all the paid resources unlocked free of cost. So without thinking about anything, just go through the article and click on the download link provided for getting complete access to all the VIP features of the VivaVideo MOD APK.


No Ads

If you already have used the Vivavideo application for editing videos, then you’ll know about its ad interruption in the free version. VivaVideo’s free version is filled with virtual as well as banner ads. While using even any of its tools, ads interrupt us first, and also while exporting videos. So it’s the plus point of the VivaVideo Pro video editor is that it’s entirely free from both virtual and banner ads which means, you won’t ever get interrupted while doing creative stuff.

Export Full HD 4K videos

Quality is the only feature that is directly proportional to professionalism since the quality of the video can show the watcher about your struggle and hard work. The VivaVideo Pro APK can provide you with full HD 1080p as well as the top 4K resolution videos. So if you’re a creator on YouTube, if you’re an influencer or simultaneously post on the social platforms, then this app is the best option for you.

No Watermark

One of the best features you’ll receive with the VivaVideo Pro APK MOD is no watermark feature. Watermarks are basically brand advertisers that VivaVideo uses to increase its users, ratings, and downloads. So if you don’t want to make videos with the VivaVideo mark on the corner, then you can use this video. There is one more extra feature embedded with this app named custom watermark, by which, you can add any custom watermark prepared by you on your edited video for self-branding.

Video to Audio Convertor

Apart from all the professional tools and resources of the app, there is still one more exceptional tool that you won’t get in any other video editing app – Video to Audio Converter. So here in the VivaVideo Pro APK MOD app, you can easily convert video to audio, or in simple words, you can extract the audio from any video or movie easily just by tapping an extract button.

Variety of Premium Content

Apart from all the professional and creative tools provided by the VivaVideo Pro APK, you’ll also receive a vast collection of premium resources free of cost. These resources consist of themes, filters, stickers, text and font styles, transition effects, FX effects, and much more. To discover all these resources instantly, you can also surf them on the app home page below the edit option in the VivaVideo Pro editor.


Make Slideshows

Slideshows are basically the collection of memories, emotions, fun, feelings, or office presentations. A lot of companies create slideshows based on the resources provided by them or present all the features and services. So by using VivaVideo Pro APK, you can easily create slideshows on your own android device. Also, this app will provide you with a vast collection of useful resources such as templates, text styles, filters, and much more.


So that’s the complete information about the VivaVideo android video editor as well as the modified or recreated version named VivaVideo Pro APK. You can download this cracked application from the link above with the latest VivaVideo Pro APK 2020 and experience all the paid VIP tools of the VivaVideo app free of cost. Apart from the VIP tools, you will also receive some additional exceptional services as well as access to all the paid resources in the VivaVideo Pro editor. So download this application right now from the link given above and experience the VIP membership of VivaVideo free of cost. If you’re still being bothered by questions or issues related to this app so please comment below, and one of our professionals will assist you asap. Enjoy it.

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