The social media world is in itself one of the most rewarding and connected that lets everyone impress others with timelines, status, stories, reels, etc., and so many formats of content sharing. However, to get viral or liked by others, the content needs to be of a class and standard which also looks professional in the outlook. Since everybody uses social media like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc., and everyone wants to create solid content. Access to premium video making and UHD movie cameras is not for everyone. Also, they can not hire personal editors or spend huge money on content making. So there are personalized applications and software available that help you with the possibility of features and lets you create good content. Moreover, there is the latest addition in the world of software, which is incredible and is intensely focused on editing and making status-based videos and content.


mAst MOD APK is a brilliant app which provides users with a variety of features and editing functions to create extraordinary professional videos to export and share on various social media platforms. This editing tool lets you customize, edit, twist, change the background, contrast, color, resolutions, highlights, effects, overlays, merging, blur, brightness, shadow, etc. and many more effective tools to apply. However, the pro-level editing premium features are also available to use. In mAst MOD APK, all kinds of overlays and adding presets, statuses or timelines to make the video are available. Various pre-made status to choose from, clips from movies and scenes, etc., and varied items are integrated. The beneficial point here is that users can easily make a video out of images, use existing videos, or import from any source, make videos with the inbuilt app recordings and camera. Add songs and clips of audios to your videos to make them beautiful, various songs in the library, and popular beats to apply anytime.


mAst MOD APK is an alternate version which offers you with brilliant hacks and cheats codes to make use of the pro editing functions and tools of the application for free. Yes, when you download this mod version from this website, then you get in the variant, all kinds of premium features and presets unlocked for free, all editing tools unlocked and free, and make use of free servings of some legendary tools. Make status, videos, professional videos, clips, sorts, reels, etc., to share with everyone without any cost. You can by yourself buy some in-app purchases for free in this mod while it doesn’t require rooting, so there is no bothering about security. Add all kinds of popular music and clips of songs in your videos; all ads are blocked for a better editing experience and come with free accessories to edit, colour combinations unlocked, presets, samples, previews to watch your editing, and if you like, share them with everyone you want to and impress people with your content.


mAst MOD APK comes with more features and functions to edit videos and content like never before!
Make the best of the contents with the solid availability of the tools and edit them along by serving the best possible craft, so some of the functions are discussed below;


Edit videos and content like a pro

The application is the latest addition and so comes with iconic features and tools to edit. So if you really want to create classic videos to, upload them on various social media giants, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Then make use of this brilliant software to perform the editing work. You can easily import videos from any of the sources or edit the existing content. However, with the availability of solid functions, the work gets sorted and lets you craft some potential content that you can share with the world.

Add music and song clips.

mAst MOD APK lets you add various categories and kinds of music to the content with the help of this platform. You simply have to choose your music, and then with one click or tap, the music integrates with the video. Beats, music, songs, instrumental, karaoke, lo-fi, etc. And all other genres are available to apply, including dialogues. However, the music can be added from the platform library, which consists of countless songs and clips, but if you want to add some other, then import from any source as the platform supports such functions. Make videos and content for status and timelines that attract and impress people.

Lyrical video making and inbuilt camera recording

mAst MOD APK lets users create and edit some best videos to share with the world and impress the show system. You can make videos out of images in your gallery and share them with the addition of song clips. The platform also lets you edit and make lyric videos of any video or content to share them and enjoy. The platform offers a high resolution and brilliant camera to record videos and status for editing and making them professional. The inbuilt camera is great for perfect content making.

Editing tools, templates, and cool effects

Users can easily bring in the videos and content in the mAst MOD APK and then edit them on various aspects of editing tools available that change the background, BGM, Music, songs, clips, color, contrast, blur, and many cool effects. Fancy templates and presets to pay without any time wasting. Users can also make use of the fancy templates and cool effects which are pre-made in the app. Brilliant tools and effects, including filters, transitions, and overlays, to completely reshape the outlook.



Download mAst MOD APK to have access for free to some of the iconic editing tools and features that reshape the whole outlook of your content. The latest addition of legendary features lets you create solid content, import videos and edit them, make statuses, and share them with everyone on major social media platforms. Apply editing and making of content in this platform, edit them, and make a direct recording of videos and status on the platform itself. Edit with previews and share with everyone. Be the best content maker and start your journey of music-based status making; add music and songs in your videos.

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