I still remember those days when our data was the smallest-sized, but we needed the most extensive Floppy Drives to store and share with our friends. Finally, We’ve escaped that era and evolved to this era containing the smallest-sized Hard Disk storages where we can hold over terabytes of data! Skipping the hard disks, the capability has also increased to transfer the data fast with the instant sharing technology trending these days on Android smartphones.

Now You won’t need to use Bluetooth anymore for those slow transfers, As the files are the biggest, and it’s damn hard to share them via Bluetooth. These days, We can use SHAREit to transfer all our files with the highest speed rate of up to 10MB/s! This setup won’t require any wired connection to connect your smartphone with others. All You need is to use a wireless connection – Wi-Fi and Tetherable Hotspot!


Moreover, You can also enhance the speed to the fluent results with a modified version of SHAREit, shared here below on the download link. It’ll offer you ad-free SHAREit exploration with the fastest internet and data transfer speed capability. Stop using the official version, and get evolved to modification; Download SHAREit Transfer & Share MOD APK!

Share your files on any smartphone instantly with this majestic solution

We all know that we’ve escaped the Bluetooth zone and can now transfer all the most giant files to any of our friends having Android or iOS smartphones with brilliantly developed apps! We won’t need to keep a hard disk for switching and transferring data; just download the SHAREit app, and afterward, you can share all your important data with all your friends freely!

SHAREit is the Google Play Store’s top-ranked file-sharing application, giving you the most fluent file-transferring protocol within the most impressive features. It’s not just a simplistic File-Transfer app, as you can also stream your favorite movies and web shows inside this app freely! So stop using the simplistic file-sharing apps and get switched to SHAREit Transfer & Share India!

Enjoy the hottest movies and TV Shows by sharing your files there

What would be more delightful than a single application created for both, File-Sharing and OTT streaming? Finally, the SHAREit community has added the OTT interface inside the app, which delivers you all your most aspired movies and web series within the File-Sharing features. There is vast content available on SHAREit Transfer & Share, like over thousands of hours of entertainment.


You can get switched with SHAREit and enjoy the most-known Bollywood and Hollywood movies within the world-class Web Series. It contains Bollywood movies like Neerja and Bajrangi Bhaijan, and excepting that, You can also enjoy YouTube and other online streaming platform videos on the SHAREit app! All it means is the single app working on four different streams!

Keep the entire app control in your hand, including Storage location

Everything is on your fingertip now, and you can control every single movement of the SHAREit app. In simple words, the app offers you a convenient Settings menu, where you can control everything inside the app.

If You want to save all the achieved data in a different folder than SHAREit, You can do that with the Settings menu. Moreover, If You can also clean the cache directly, manage the notifications, and disable the internet sharing while connected to the receiver’s server! Isn’t that awesome?

Share as big a file as you want, including all the file extensions

Movies and Videos were just the simplistic sides of SHAREit Transfer & Share, as the mainstream of the app is to share your files. No one can adore the slow processes nowadays, and that’s why SHAREit has built an exceptional protocol for sharing your data fastly.

It’s an instant platform that helps you share all your desired files, then either a song, picture, video, document, or an entire .zip file! Moreover, It doesn’t have any size cap, as here you can transfer data up to hundreds of terabytes without any interruption. Download SHAREit Transfer & Share MOD APK ASAP!


Download below the modified version and enjoy the premium features

Modified applications are changing our world daily and presenting us with the premium features of the paid apps free of charge and offering interruption-rich content without ads. One such modification we’ve developed for the SHAREit app, named SHAREit MOD APK. It’s a version developed solely to provide you with interruption-free file sharing with fluent speed.

Moreover, The modded version is accessible in all the regions that banned the SHAREit app, including India and the US. SO for all those users getting annoyed with the slow service in their area, you can download SHAREit Transfer & Share MOD APK freely from the below link and use your older support to share your files!

Use this version of the SHAREit app in your country, either if it’s India!

Due to its Chinese development and a few cases, India recently banned most Chinese apps, like TikTok, PUBG Mobile, ES File Explorer, and CamScanner. But within these apps, we lost two gems we used in our daily life, Xender and SHAREit! That hurts a lot since regional apps don’t provide as fast a speed of sharing files as we want.

Don’t worry, Since now you can download SHAREit MOD APK and enjoy the same SHAREit interface with the fastest sharing speed and the new OTT interface too! Additionally, You can enjoy the entire interface without using any VPN servers! Enjoy the quickest sharing!

Enjoy the eternal ad-free app interface with all the movies and shows

There is no need for advertisements inside the file-sharing apps, but as the developers have added them for monetizing their app or earn money, we can’t say that illegal. These advertisements interrupt and annoy a lot in-between sharing files and watching the SHAREit OTT content, and that’s one of the only reasons people uninstall SHAREit!

But we’ve finally added the ad-blocker scripts inside the modified version, and that’s why you won’t need to uninstall the app again! Just click the below link and download SHAREit MOD APK ASAP for enjoying your favorite SHAREit entirely ad-free!


Time to enhance the speed and fluency of the file transfer and internet

Speed is the future, and finally, we’ve perceived it in our developing library! Introducing SHAREit Transfer & Share MOD APK! This modded version assures you the most exceptional file transfer speed, with the fluent app interface having no bugs and lags.

You can use SHAREit MOD APK on any Android smartphone without any configuration issue. Moreover, this app will offer you the highest capped internet speed for streaming the entire OTT and YouTube content! Download SHAREit ASAP!

Final Verdict

Ultimately, We’re back with your old friend, SHAREit! The most incredible thing is that this modded version can get operated on in any region, either if it’s India or the USA! So Switch back to SHAREit Transfer & Share MOD APK, and enjoy the fastest sharing of all your files. Additionally, Enjoy all the above-listed premium features free of charge inside SHAREit MOD APK without any ad interruption. Get ready to fly at the fastest speed! Enjoy it!!

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