When it comes to scanning documents, the technology has gifted with several solutions including acing features and alternatives. Whereas scanning is like almost everyday necessity no matter if you are a student or an employee, a handy phone app for scanning can be a blessing. Especially if it is bestowed with high-quality premium features and that is also in FREE possession. Sounds like something you can get your hands on? Well, then you are at the right place. Whatever your purpose is CamScanner Premium can be one of the most top-notch tools to have when it comes to scanning any documents through your phone which is why it is not surprising for the app to be this popular and recommended all over the place. CamScanner Premium unlocked with immersive benefits like the ability to scan different types of documents in different ways, more storage, no watermark, collaging, etc. It is indeed astonishing to have such amazing yet necessary features all in one – in the CamScanner Premium app. All you have to do is just to take a clear shot and the app will do the rest for you according to your commands. Later on, you can save the scanned document in the expected saving type in the cloud storage. It is really that simple.


But also, as you might know, the fullest potential of the app does not unleash until you purchase the Premium Version which is pretty hefty in the pricing, to be honest. So we have the CamScanner Premium MOD APK where you can enjoy the potential premium features of the app for free such as no bothering ads in the middle of any important or rushing scanning time. All you have to do is just download the MOD APK, install and run by clicking shots and the app’s intelligent algorithm will identify the to-scan document clearly, crop and optimize precisely and leave you with clearly scanned documents even with a comparative low–quality image.

Make the best use out of unlimited scans with unlimited editing features

Even though you might think that a basic CamScanner also gives unlimited scanning features. But the editing or saving format is where it limits you and suggests buying the Premium version to enjoy the all editing features. Now thinking of it, with our CamScanner Premium MOD you are getting the benefit of the doubt of possessing all possible editing features and saving formats as per need without any limitation.
Besides, with the Premium feature, the scanning documents can look much more professional especially when you need to scan IDs or similar documents where you need to print both the back and front sides of the document. Get the scan done clearly and professionally without any watermark
Well, isn’t it annoying to get the best of anything without any watermark? We know the feeling and that’s why here we have it for you – CamScanner Premium MOD with the premium features that give you the best professional clear scanned output and yet no watermark whatsoever. Now with our CamScanner Premium MOD, you can easily remove the watermark and get professional and personalized scans.

Unlimit yourself with a bunch of OCR credits

OCR is the process of extracting images or scanned docs into texts – basically, you can say that it is a bit more complicated process than the usual ‘click picture to scan’ practice. OCR stands with Optical Character Recognition in a technical term which is a basic AR technology you can tell.
The free CamScanner gives you only 4 OCR Credits which is honestly not enough if your requirement happens to be scanning long and piles of images or scanned documents to extract into text. In that case, the CamScanner Premium sure will bring some smile we bet. It comes with 1000 OCR credits in the Premium version which should be fine unless you are scanning for the whole office or school. Otherwise, that is honestly a pretty good deal especially when you are getting it for free from our MOD APK with zero pence.


No annoying ads every now and then

This is pretty much the most anticipated feature of any premium version of any app and that’s no different for CamScanner either. The CamScanner free version even launches with an ad that can be skipped after 5 seconds. And not even only that, the free version includes many pop-up ads out of nowhere which is annoying during any urgent scan. Even some patient users lose it as well over the frequency and spontaneity of the pop-up ads over time.
So in our CamScanner premium MOD, you are free from all possible banner ads, pop-ups, display ads, etc. for your ease of usage. And again that is with no single penny.

More storage for your scanned documents in the cloud

It’s a real hassle when you have to back up the documents manually in the cloud after scanning because of the app’s short storage limit. And apparently, we cannot but have backups of the documents to stay on the safe side. Well, CamScanner free app is not really up for giving you this privilege. So yeah, you guessed it – CamScanner Premium sure does where it offers you unlimited storage up to 10 GB to back up your important documents. Hence, our CamScanner premium MOD is free here to provide you with unlimited cloud storage where you can simply store your scanned doc in the cloud in one click or by adding a third-party cloud system as needed. So you are doing the same thing without any extra work but with more benefits.
Also, there are some other notable benefits that you can get from the CamScanner premium –

  • Introduced quick search
  • Collage images unlimitedly
  • ID and Book mode of scanning enabled
  • Add up to 40 collaborators
  • The web app provides batch PDF downloads altogether
  • Secure downlink link shareable with others



The honest fact is that, especially for students, spending around $5 monthly or even around $50 yearly for a scanning app might not stand as the best investment for the additional features that CamScanner Premium has to offer. So many adjust with whatever CamScanner free version has the best to offer. Whereas with our CamScanner Premium MOD, you can literally enjoy all premium benefits by spending no single penny and still be able to enjoy all premium features for free. So what are you waiting for? Got documents to scan – go ahead and download the CamScanner Premium MOD and enjoy unlimited scanning and related features.

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