Angry Birds 2

Introduction Rovio Entertainment Corporation is one of the big game brands creating games in the last few decades for Android smartphones and Windows-based computers. It’s an industry-changing entertainment media company and creator of the number 1 downloaded app of all time, the Angry Birds series. Moreover, it has created more overwhelming games like Bad Piggies, … Read more

Rodeo Stampede


About Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari Rodeo Stampede is a popular action game with more than ten million downloads. There will be many obstacles in your way, like lions, tigers, and more, but they are no match for you. You must get friendly with your animals and train them adequately to help you in your … Read more

Green Farm 3

About Green Farm 3 Green farm 3 provides you with an environment to grow a farm. With a fresh farming atmosphere and controls, you have to start your farm. The gameplay begins where you are at the farm, and you have to grow crops to make your living. Your neighbors and friends will also help … Read more

Idle World

Introduction Nevertheless, the aforementioned 4 procedures ask that you own plenty of vitality. You may use rate x-2 to secure more rapid vitality or purchase feminine diamonds to-use blessed twist and receive yourself an opportunity to find additional invaluable products. But, blue diamonds are extremely rare and also you also are unable to make them … Read more

Life Choices

Life Choices

Introduction Do you want to enjoy virtual life where you can design your story and create many memories? If yes, then you are in the very right place today. We are all here with me in the life choice game. Life choice is a fantastic game in which you will have endless fun and enjoy … Read more

Candy Crush Saga


About Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush is a puzzle game for android. Solve exciting puzzles filled with candies using quick thinking and smart moves. Match 3 candies in a row to win. Unlock new levels with challenges and fun gameplay. Play in many gameplay modes with online players and friends. So download the Candy Crush Saga … Read more



Introduction In the digital age world, gaming plays a vital role in the refreshment for too many people. Gaming is a great way to enjoy as well as to learn new things in life. With the advent of the gaming world, competition is fierce among players across the globe. Every player wants to become the … Read more

My Little Universe

About My Little Universe My Little Universe is a popular simulation game with more than ten million downloads. You are the God in the game who has the power to create any world they desire and rule it. You must do a lot of mining, crafting, inventions, digging, construction, gardening, and more to make your … Read more