My Little Universe

About My Little Universe

My Little Universe is a popular simulation game with more than ten million downloads. You are the God in the game who has the power to create any world they desire and rule it. You must do a lot of mining, crafting, inventions, digging, construction, gardening, and more to make your planet beautiful and perfect. You must go on an adventure to build your world and even a universe.

We have provided unlimited resources and free shopping to help you reach the max level in the game. But for your planet’s plans to be successful, you have to defeat all the monsters who want to destroy your planet and claim it for themselves. You only have a pickaxe and your arms to do all the work of building your world, but along the way, you can craft some handy items using your resources to help you speed up.


In the beginning, you will have access to very few items, so it will take time to build your dream planet. So you can use the free purchase option to get anything you want. It provides hours of action and adventure gameplay with a mod menu, so you are a God in the game who can do anything he wants. You must turn an old and useless planet into an amazing and beautiful one using your pickaxe.

It will take at least a week before you start processing rapidly. You must chop, craft, smash your way through the game and reach new heights. We have also provided you with unlimited everything features like no ads and much more for free. So download its latest version now.

Build Your World

The gameplay of My Little Universe MOD APK starts when your character is an orange man who is in a spaceship and has recently landed on the planet. Using your tiny hands, you must begin building the earth to make it more habitable and liveable. But to do so, you must make efficient use of tens of resources on the planet.

You have to make the best use of fifteen different types of resources on the planet to turn it into a paradise and a place where your civilization can thrive. To help you in the process, we have also provided you with free unlimited features.


Utilize Your Resources and Items

My Little Universe provides you with many valuable resources and items on the planet. You are armed with a pickaxe which can be used for fighting mobsters, mining minerals and rocks, and much more. Still, if you cannot use them effectively, you can never make your world beautiful and thriving.

You must play through eight levels with unique challenges and difficulties to improve your game. Completing missions and challenges in these levels will also help you get more resources and Excel in the game.


Craft Powerful Weapons

Having powerful weapons is necessary for every civilization to progress, as other cultures always want to have your resources. It would help if you mined essential minerals and metals to start melting them and crafting powerful weapons.

Your primary weapon in My Little Universe is an axe; you have to upgrade it to eight levels to increase its power. You also have an Excalibur sword which is very powerful in fighting powerful monsters.

Amazing Gameplay Environment

As you work towards making your planet a better place, you can use more than ten different types of environments to transform your world into the paradise you have ever desired. You also have to deal with eight monsters like abominable snowmen, unfriendly ents, and many more.

My Little Universe also provides beautiful graphics, so you can play the game longer without getting bored.


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