Green Farm 3

About Green Farm 3

Green farm 3 provides you with an environment to grow a farm. With a fresh farming atmosphere and controls, you have to start your farm. The gameplay begins where you are at the farm, and you have to grow crops to make your living. Your neighbors and friends will also help you in managing your farm in the game.

The key to growing a successful farm is to develop long-lasting crops and sell them for profits. It will bring you significant revenue, and soon, you can do upgrades to your farm for more production. The game will take you through all the stages of growing crops and selling them for profits.


The Green Farm 3 game has completed more than ten million plus downloads globally, with top rankings for the farming simulation games.

Many of the players wanted to play it with Unlimited Money, Cash, Coins, Seeds max level for free, so we provide the Green Farm 3 Mod Apk on this page.

Rediscover farming adventure

You get to discover a whole new green farm in the game where you have to do the framing. Farming will have a lot of challenges for you, so be prepared. Start by plowing the field and make it suitable for growing crops.

Take on the challenging task of restoring a manor.

Your farmland is quite large, where you can grow different types of crops at once. So start with your favorite ones and take help from your friends and neighbors. It will distribute the work and help you complete it quickly. Choose the best-suited crops according to the season.


Complete many missions full of farming, harvesting, crafting, and more.

Apart from basic farming, you have access to tons of other challenges and missions, which will reward you once you complete them. Each week tons of new challenges and events get added.

More accessible controls make managing your farm.

Managing your farm is not rocket science, and you can easily do it with your controls. You can choose to plant the seeds, sprinkle water, and all other necessary steps for growing crops on your farm within few clicks.

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