Do you want to record classical music just from your phone? Are you interested in being a music producer? If yes, then you are in the very right place today. We are all here with my Boloco App and its Mod APK version. Voloco is the ultimate audio recording mobile studio that will provide you with all the recording studio tools just on your phone. Now you can record any of your audio and make it much more attractive in listening while using its classic tools and many premium Pro features. Even if you can separate any vocal from its music, yes, believe me, it will be a fun voice-over in any of your favorite music tunes. The App provides many top beat producers and free music tunes that you can use in any voice project.


You can effortlessly command all of its editing tools and features by spending a few days on it.
Moreover, several features aren’t available for free users, but if you want to enjoy all the paid premium features for free, this article will prove a boon for you. Yes, in this article, we bring you all Voloco MOD APK, which will provide you with a great voice recording Studio experience on your phone. Without any further delay, now it’s time to unpack a brief overview of Voloco MOD APK.

Voloco MOD APK

Voloco Mod APK is modified. For every alternate variant of the official Boloco App in the Sultanate modified version, you will witness many of the ultimate premium Pro features just for free. You don’t need to spend much of the hefty buck to get these premium-paid features. We are offering you access to pro music themes, access to an unlimited song library, choose any of your desired beats without worrying about copyright Strikes, and many more. In every sense, this App will provide you with a great music Studio experience that will help you analyze your music creativity. Moreover, the user interface of the lock app is very smooth and refined, so you can easily navigate all the needed features and buttons just after spending a few minutes on it.

This app is really fantastic where you will get a variety of presets for compression, EQ, auto voice tune, and reverb effects to polish your recordings to perfection and much more. Try singing karaoke at the perfect pitch in  thi classic papp —the top audio editor app for all of the best people. Apart from all these classic features, our App provides you with ultimate security and privacy. So you don’t need to worry about anything while installing and enjoying this App on your phone when you are not going to encounter a single advertisement while using this App for many hours.

Astonishing features of Voloco MOD APK

Rap or sing any song

Yes, the App allows you an extensive library of operating rap music and songs that you can voice over on your own favorite rap aur song. There are many famous rappers you have heard of, like Eminem, 50 Cent, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Raftaar, and many more, so in this App, you will get every rap music, whether it’s International or local. Apart from thisVoloco MOD APK offers you many songs that you can voice over quickly and create your melodious song. You will get song music from various Bollywood artists, Hollywood artists, independent YouTube singers, and others.


Record video by lisping

There are many Tik Tok stars in the market, and all become big celebrities just by kissing on any of the music or comic drama comics. So if you are looking for a new way to become the next International viral sensation, then this Voloco MOD APK  is the right choice for you. Choose any of your favorite songs and start lapsing on it while you can record your own v video bathroom recording camera. Also, you can add many filters, emojis, stickers, and many more beautiful things just to make your video much more appealing.

Export audio video at high quality

You will need a premium Pro volcano version to get a high-quality video and audio exporting in the original version. However, the modified version is miniature, giving you high-quality audio and video shipping without charging a penny. Even if you are not going to suffer from any watermark while exporting any of your videos. Moreover, after exporting high-quality videos, you can easily share them on multiple social media platforms to get more attention and follow. Yes, now it’s time to show the world your musical talent and impress them easily.

Enjoy the lyric pad and 50 plus effect.

As we know, there are millions of songs, and you can’t remember the lyrics of every song. So if you want to sing any song and do lapsing over that, then this Voloco MOD APK is the right choice. You are going to get one of many lyrics in the lyric pad. Moreover, while listening, you can read the lyrics. Yes, it will be fantastic fun reading lyrics and audio music and video recording. It will be an incredible journey for you in every possible way. Overall, this will be a remarkable experience for all the music lovers.

50 Plus marvelous effect

Yes, in Voloco MOD APK you will enjoy many kinds of different effects like Spooky: Aliens, demons, ghosts, heroic and more. Voloco  removes any bad background noise and lets you correct the pitch of your voice to keep you in optimize  tune Moreover, enjoy Starter: Two flavors of auto vocal tune, where you will have a rich harmony preset. Even you will encounter a monster vocoder and a clean preset for noise reduction only.



Download Voloco MOD APK and enjoy all the Classic premium benefits. You don’t need to spend a penny to access a great music library, unique, powerful music, newly launched music themes, and much more. Everything possible with this App will provide you with a great atmosphere to record and edit any of your desired videos. Without any delay, let’s have this Mod APK and enjoy it without any advertisement interruption.

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