About Groovepad – Music, and Beat Maker Groovepad is a popular music app with more than fifty million downloads. You can use the app to learn to create your music or even play different tracks. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a DJ, then here’s your chance, as now you can make your music … Read more



About Chordify Chordify is a popular music app with more than a million downloads. Suppose you want to learn to play guitar, piano, and ukulele. In that case, it provides you with accurate chords for over twenty-two million songs, covering all your favorite ones from famous artists, many genres, languages, and filters. It also provides … Read more

Radio FM

Radio FM

Introduction listening is an incredible experience but most won’t love it in advent of technology so far. However, everybody knows the value that almost all the information and knowledge that we have is credited to listening because that’s how we learn. Diverse with a vast range of topics including spirituality, biographies, horror, comedy, pranks, music, … Read more

Pratilipi FM

Introduction in the fast-moving world where multitasking is common chaos, things have come a long way. In fact, it has become difficult for people nowadays to carve out time for themselves out of their busy schedules and work hours. While we know self-help and growth are compulsory for all ages and that requires time, and … Read more



Introduction Tidal Music MOD APK app lists all the songs you can listen to. Lots of your favorite songs are in this processor. There is no separate protocol for using the application. Anyone can use this app to suit their needs. This means that people from all walks of life, young and old, can use … Read more


Introduction music has always been there and will be no matter what shift in the world takes place. Music can change the way it’s served or its form, but nobody can remove it from our life. It’s the greatest idea and way to converse with your heart and soul; it conveys your messages, arts, grief, … Read more



Introduction Music plays a vital role in our life, and we can’t simply live without music these days. Music Tracks are the smallest size of entertainment, ending up to 12 Megabytes in size. You won’t believe it, but over 97 million songs are recorded yet on our planet, and now these numbers are grasping higher … Read more


Introduction Do you want to record classical music just from your phone? Are you interested in being a music producer? If yes, then you are in the very right place today. We are all here with my Boloco App and its Mod APK version. Voloco is the ultimate audio recording mobile studio that will provide … Read more