Smule MOD APK is the No. 1 singing application in Android platforms. After launching this application, there are many singing applications launched in Google Play Store. But no one application has the features like this application. If you want to sing songs or are passionate about singing, please try this application. Explore your singing talent with everyone. Connect new people to make more songs by the duet. With the application, the singer can create own songs or voiceover for available songs. When the user starts to sing with his voice, they get many reaches from the application.


Top songs

Smule MOD APK allows the user to can sing any song from this application. If songs are released newly, they will automatically be added to the application. By uploading new songs to reach more people and get many followers. Followers-only makes your singing quality. Not easier to join followers. They will hear your singing talent then follow you. So sing the latest songs to attract new followers. There are many hot songs released in the film industry. Find the song using keywords and select the song to start singing.

Smule MOD APK contains millions of songs and gets its own copyrighted. They will buy many songs for their users, and the user never gets worried. Users can search for any songs by using the search bar. Also, you can see the already sing songs by your searching song. One tap to the user can make a duet with the smile partner. Any people can able to duet with you. You also can duet with everyone. Once they will sing-song, the song will upload to the Smule server.

Smule MOD APK offers many top songs to the users. Not only single songs, but the developer also made the application by providing songs by playlist. By choosing the playlist to users can discover the latest top songs. From starting of cine industry songs until now, songs have been discovered from the application. Every song is provided in the playlist order. World’s most trending songs ready for every. Those famous songs like Shape of you, Baby, Believer, and more songs. A different category provides each song.


Singing with own voice

Smule MOD APK central concept is that user uploads their voice singing song into the application. Those who upload songs in their voice will easier to get more viewers. Also, get more interaction from the app. If the other users like your own song, they will give likes and follows to you. More interaction will help to get followers. Own voice songs online will get more followers. Try with your idol to create many songs and upload them on the server.

Everyone has doubts about the sound quality, Don’t worry, Smule MOD APK developer perfectly optimized sound quality. When you start singing, the app starts to cover your audio quality with high quality. After completion of the sing, the app will perfectly mix your voice into the chosen song. This excellent application will help you become a real singer.

Duet with others

Smule MOD APK offers to every singer can duet with the other singers. This feature is worthy in the Smule application. Because solo sing and solo performance will easier to get bored. To join with other singers to build a new singing community. When you start to make more duets, you will receive high points from the viewers. After a got lot of points, the user will get reach the top of the table. Smule presents table method for singers. Those who received many points will appear at the top of the table.


Make new friends

Smule MOD APK allows to user can connect their friends with Facebook. After connecting the Facebook account to this application, your friend list also has been added. Which friends are installed Smule, their face will appear in friend section. Directly you can duet with your friend uploaded songs. Sing with your friends to receive higher points. Make more friends and get engaged by this application. Easier to connect to your friends and comment your valuable comment on friend’s songs.

Many colorful filters

Smule MOD APK provides colorful filters feature for every singer. Users can adjust the color filter while singing songs in living. Before and after starting live, filter choosing the option available. By choosing the right filter to add the colorful filter in the current life. Not only live performance but you can also able to add color filters intake song recording. For more attraction, users need to add colorful filters to cover new followers.



Overall, we covered all detailed information about Smule MOD APK. This is a great application to explore your talent for everyone. Create a singing video to receive unlimited points. Those points will help you become a No.1 singer in the Smule community. To get more followers to become a real singer. From the original version, you need to face limitations. Use our MOD version to get the VIP feature for free. Download the MOD version from the below article available links.

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