Smart Launcher 6

About Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher is a personalization app that allows you to customize and organize your homepage with auto categorized apps, gridless widgets, and much more in it. You can sort your apps in different categories, match your wallpaper color, and more to make your homepage faster and easier.

Its user interface is clean and straightforward, so you can even use it with one hand. You can modify every element of your homepage with thousands of colors, fonts, and styles from Google Fonts. It has a search bar that allows you to search on the web, add a contact, or perform a calculation on your homepage.

All the android versions are supported with their icons with customizable shapes and sizes. You can change the shape, size, position, and location of icons as you wish. Unleash the power of gestures and hotkeys with it. Turn off the power button and tap or swipe on the screen to open different apps and services.


It offers greater accessibility of the clock and calendar widget on the home screen. You can set the alarm or notification for a particular time event on a specific date, and it will remind you about it through recommendations on the homepage.

You will receive all the necessary information on the home screen, so you won’t have to open different apps manually. Use the navigation bar to maximize the screen space given to you and make the best use.

Use privacy features like PIN, Password, Pattern, and so on to protect your apps and strengthen the overall security of your android device. Our mod version provides all packs unlocked, no ads, and all the pro/premium features unlocked for free. So download it now.


Automatically Sort Apps

It automatically sorts apps in different categories, so you won’t have to take the trouble to do it manually. Apple’s App Library has inspired all the sorting options it offers in iOS 14.

So far, it has been a very accurate and excellent help for the users. But improvements are still made to make it even better.


Plenty of Themes

It provides you with plenty of ambient themes with unique color options and combinations. You can also match the color of your homepage with your music very easily in it.

You can use different colors, shades of them, and much more in your wallpapers and home screen. All the combinations your choose are reversed easily, so don’t be afraid to use them.


Interactive User Interface

The UI is quite simple where all the essential features are accessible within a few clicks, and you can use the app with only one hand required.

Customize Homepage

It’s a customizable app where you can easily modify every element of your homepage, unlocking infinite combinations of widgets, colors, fonts, and much more.

You can use all the fonts available in google fonts.

The smart launcher search bar widget can be placed on the homepage, where it can be used to find contacts, search the web, add a contact or perform a calculation.


Customizable Icons

You can customize your android device icons’ shape, size, and position to fit beautifully on your homepage. This can be done on any android device without any operating system requirements.

Gestures and Hotkeys

You can configure your won gestures and hotkeys as you wish. You can turn off the screen with a double-tap or swipe up/down or left/right to create a unique motion for a specific function.

Built-in Clock/Calendar widget

The clock & calendar widget informs you about the time, events, and weathers condition of the week. You can also set the alarm for any of the above things to remind you about them.


On-Screen Notifications

The Smart Launcher 6 will show you the list of all apps with active notification without actually visiting your notification bar or opening the app. When an app has messages, it will be shown on the top of its icon to understand it.

The total number of notifications will be shown on top of it.

It offers a navigation bar that will help you maximize the best use of your screens space.

Protect Your Apps

It offers several privacy options like PIN, Passwords, etc., which you can use to protect your apps from unauthorized people trying to access them.

Wallpaper Selection

Smart Launcher 6 has tons of wallpapers for you to choose from. You can make up your mind and back up previous wallpapers with their settings before trying a new one.

So all your settings and customization are in safe hands.

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