Smart Launcher 6


About Smart Launcher 6 Smart Launcher is a personalization app that allows you to customize and organize your homepage with auto categorized apps, gridless widgets, and much more in it. You can sort your apps in different categories, match your wallpaper color, and more to make your homepage faster and easier. Its user interface is … Read more

GO Launcher


About GO Launcher GO Launcher is a popular personalization app for Android devices on the play store. It helps you customize your phone with its large number of themes and HD wallpapers. You will get access to tons of fantastic pieces, wallpapers, widgets to customize the home screen of your phone. You can even lock … Read more

Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher

Introduction because technology is constantly advancing and reaching new heights, both the internal workings of smartphones and their external appearance are constantly being improved. These days, screens are an essential component of the sector that enables users to carry out their activities and work. We android users are sick of using the android launcher, which … Read more



Introduction Do you know that Customization and Modification are the most pleasant stuff and chores of every human? Basically, Either if you’re a Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl, You’ll get bored using the same theme, wallpaper, ringtone, and notification tones for a considerable time! It’s legit! Even I got bored using the same wallpaper on … Read more

Nova Launcher

Introduction When it comes to handy devices we tend to ornate them many different ways with variants of elements externally. While your artistic mind does not have to be bound to only exterior design elements, your device theme and colors and all necessary visualizing bits and pieces can be personalized as per your artistic choice … Read more


Introduction Do you want to make your phone much more attractive? If yes, then you are in the very right place. Today we are all here with the wall craft wallpaper app. In this app, you will enjoy many awesome wallpapers that you haven’t found in any of the Google Play Store apps, as we … Read more