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About NetShare – No Root Tethering

NetShare Pro APK can help you extend your wi-fi connection or even create your own using your cellular data. You can create your wi-fi hotspot using your phone’s cellular data.

You can also use it to extend your existing Wi-FI connection to ensure you can use it farther distances in a better way. Moreover, it charges no tethering plan or fees, so you can use it as much as you want.

With six or later versions, you can use it on any android device, but your wi-fi and tethering feature must be blocked. You can even use it to bypass all the tethering and hotspot block settings.

On using it, you will be ensured that your tethering will be completely hidden and undetectable. You can create a portable Wi-FI hotspot using it while you are connected to another network.


Its connection speed is much faster than Bluetooth, using all the plus features. Or you can even use it to share a wi-fi connection from your device to another device. We have also provided unlock the full version for free in it.

Create Your Hotspot

If you have ever used a modem to create a hotspot and share data using it to different devices, then you will love NetShare Pro APK. You can do something very similar in the app. It also saves you from the trouble of changing passwords too much, as now you can choose who can connect to your network and who can’t.

Many connection-related factors also come into play, and it helps you manage all of them for a stable relationship.


Works on Android Apps & OS

Net share mod apk works well with android OS. We recommend using it with Android 6 or above, but you can even use it with Android 12. It also provides you with many upgrades to enhance your performance. Moreover, it has been optimized for all that, so you won’t have to face any errors.

When you create a WI-Fi hotspot using it, you can invite your friends to join the network, but they will need to install the application.


Manage Your wi-fi

If you want to tether to your friends or become a mobile data steamer, it might be in your best interests to use netshare premium apk for all those purposes. You can also instantly manage your entire network through the app and change passwords and other information.

The UI is so easy to use that this entire process will only take a few minutes, and you can set up your whole WPS network and work efficiently with it.


Enjoy A Private Connection

You can use netshare premium mod apk to have a private wi-fi hotspot connection where everything is under your control, and you decide whether someone can join the network or not. You can connect to your friend’s device if they change their address and proxy.

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