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About Math Scanner By Photo – Solve My Math Problem

Match Scanner is an education app that will answer any math problem by simply taking a photo of it. It has acquired millions of users from all over the world. So far, it has solved millions of math problems from different textbooks across other countries. You need to enter the formula and the question and get all the answers instantly.

You can also point your phone’s camera to a math question, and its solution will appear on the screen. This helps you in your life and is an excellent tool for homework, study, and learning math. It covers all parts of the syllabus like integers, fractions, decimal numbers, square/cube roots, linear equations, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, statistic, graphs, histograms, pie charts, and much more.


You will get 100% accurate answers from various trusted sources within it. It will help you solve all the math problems effectively while completing your homework. All you need is to take a photo of the sum, and its complete step-by-step solution will appear. Moreover, one problem is solved by multiple methods to choose accordingly.

When you can question with its camera, it’s a lot better than using a basic or scientific calculator. It also has an equation solver, which will wisely help you solve all the linear/quadratic and other famous algebraic equations. It can reduce your stress as math get confusing and may result in depression and frustration. So it can boost your confidence and help you overcome obstacles.

Our mod version provides you with all the premium unlocked features for free. You can get math quiz games, currency converter, and other tools in it. All of its components are accessible offline, but sometimes it may require you to go online depending upon the severity of the question. So download it now.


Snap & Solve

You have to open your device’s camera and face it towards the math problem, and the app will automatically present you with the solution. Sometimes, this might not work as planned, so you will have to go online. All the solutions it offers are accurate and tested by top professionals. However, if you find a bug in the answer, please report its support sections and update it.


Step By Step Solutions

It can offer you solutions in multiple methods, and each of those methods is broken down and explained clearly in a step-by-step format so you won’t have any issue understanding them. If you find it difficult, you can use another method it offers and read the detailed explanation of the steps in words.


Live Math Help

When you use it with the internet, you get the option of live math help. You can ask questions, and it will give you an instant reply. You can also post photos of math problems and get the solution. If you did not understand any particular step of the resolution, then you can mention it, and it will provide you with an alternate one.

Advance Calculator

It offers you a scientific calculator, which is way more advance than a basic one to perform all the mathematical expressions. You can manually type the values in it and get instant answers.

Unit Converters

You can use its unit converters to convert from one unit to another in terms of currency, volume, weight, mass, speed, and much more. You can use it for everything from the imperial to the metric system. This is a great way to solve all your math problems without getting the entire camera option solution.


Basic Calculations

Basic calculations include simple/compound interest, percentage, unitary method, etc. All the basic calculations like compound or specific interest are quickly done. You don’t even need to use a calculator as it has a unique feature for doing basic math.

Mind Games

There are several mind games and puzzles offered for you in the game. All you have to do is click on the feature that says mind or mini-games and explore several word problems or animated games, which will sharpen your mathematical skills. All these calculations are from mental maths, reducing your dependence on calculators.

Math Table

All the math tables of two to three-digit numbers are available. You can also see its square and cube root values. Just keep scrolling or type a number manually to get all of its available tables. You can also choose to make new tables by putting numbers of different tables. Most used tables are the mathematical and rooted ones.

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