Madfut 22

About MAD FUT 22

MAD FUT 22 is a sports game with over a million players globally. Build your squad and complete challenges to earn elite rewards and unique cards. Collect cards to compete in eight rating series and unlock more rewards. New prizes are added weekly.

Design & improve your team anytime you want. Play in fatal mode by building your squad in the draft. Compete with players globally in the multiplayer battle arena to test/improve your skill. Invite your friends to play with you.

Play in multiple game modes to win more rewards and make it to the leaderboards. Our mod version provides unlimited money, packs, and more for free. So download it from this page.


Collect Rewards from Achievement Completion

The Draft & Pack Opener game’s achievement system is not just for rewarding players, it also serves to enhance their entertainment. There are over 600 different achievements in this diverse list of challenges and accomplishments from all around the world!

With this system, players can open packs and have the opportunity to receive more rare items from their achievements. In short: it’s all about opening those little packages.


Build Squads

Create your team from scratch to compete against other players in online tournaments and multiplayer battles. Play in fatal classic mode with your draft team to win more rewards and resources.

New rewards are added weekly.


Open Packs and Player Picks

Win packs in multiplayer battles and open them to find valuable resources like gems coins to improve your gameplay. You can re-choose your team at any point in time in it.

Create the best possible squad to win more and more matches.


Play Fatal Classic mode

Play in fatal classic mode to improve your team’s skills in matches and push your rank to the top of the leaderboards leagues from Bronze to all-Special. Train your squad to become the best versions of themselves.


Complete Objectives

Complete missions, events, and challenges to earn cards and other rewards and improve your status in the game. New challenges are added weekly, especially during Christmas, New Year, and more.


Trade Cards and Packs

You can trade cards and packs with other players to get coins which you can later convert to the resources you need to get ahead. This is a great way to advance in the game by helping each other dispose of their useless stuff.


Complete Pack and Draft

Complete pack and draft the daily missions, challenges, and more to win exciting items as rewards. You will get new content, objectives, gameplay modes, and more frequently.

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