About Lonewolf

LONEWOLF (17+) is an adventure game for android devices.

You become an assassin in the criminal organization named ‘Assembly’.

Take down people using Snipers, Assault Rifles, Bombs, Pistols and your hands.

Upgrade weapons frequently to take down bigger persons.

Complete 30+ assault missions to get rewards.

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5+ Hours Story Mode & 30+ Missions

Lonewolf offers a story mode gameplay with missions.

Assassin’s have their own stories & missions to complete in it.

Explore the backstory of every character and how he became a member of the ‘Assembly’.

Discover clues for missions and kill your target.


20+ Powerful Weapons

Equip yourself with Assault/Sniper Rifles, Bombs & Pistols in it.

Train yourself in shooting ranges.

Shoot victims & enjoy Weapon Sound and Recoil.

Also, use bare hands to take down people.


A Dozen Mini-games

Play mini games to win rewards and resources.


Trophy Room with more than 40 trophies

Win the best assassin trophy in the Assembly.

Create & decorate your trophy room.

Earn respect from fellow assassins’.


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