Idle Magic School

About Idle Magic School

Idle Magic School is a simulation game with more than a million downloads. It makes your dream of building a magic school comes true. You have to develop and expand it in the magical forest. Take good care of the school by adding more magic courses, unlocking new areas, accepting students, and helping them graduate to become a Dragon knight.

The gameplay looks quite simple where you have to manage the school funds and spend on growth strategies like muggle training, hiring elite wizards, and dormitory management to increase its popularity. There are many tasks, quests, and achievements to complete. We have provided unlimited money and gems, so you will never run out of it and keep spending.


You will be rewarded with new territories like Water Country, surrounded by turbulent rivers, so that students won’t get distracted by the outside world. Upgrade your magic tress and collect magic stones to get magic fruit and increase the wizard star grade. Use converting machines as muggle needs to be converted to wizards before learning magic.

Hiring more staff will bring in more coins and revenue. You get free purchase to get anything you want here for free. When you are offline, the school is still active, generating revenue, and expanding its business. You can come online to manage its work and help it grow in a better and planned way. Use the holy water to make all your dreams come true.

You can also simulate natural magic scenes with the environment and 3D effects and graphics. There are many simulation business challenges you have to complete to earn rewards. We have provided unlimited everything and much more in it for free. So download its latest version for free.


Build & Manage Your Magic School

Start building your magic school in the Idle Magic School MOD APK game like the one you saw in Harry Potter and other magical movies and TV shows, and complete your dream. It all starts in a mysterious enchanted forest from where you actively work on it and grow to acquire students from all across the world. Use unlimited gold to invest in your school and make it to the top.

You have to overcome many challenges and missions to expand your territories.

Unlock Epic Courses & Expand Your School

You have an active role in working the school, which includes adding and upgrading magic courses, unlocking new school scenes, and listing students to become wizards and Dragon Knights. Your school in Idle Magic School has a fixed budget which you have to allocate to bringing new and skilled wizards, muggle training, dormitory management, and more to expand it.


The gameplay also has no ads, as we have removed all of them from it.

Explore Magical Creatures

You will meet many magical creatures in it. But first, you need to use the converting machines to transform muggles into wizards so they can learn new magic tricks. You will get amazing 3D graphics and animation, making all your magic scenes look natural and fantastic. Many professors, magic tools, and growth strategies will help grow your school.

We have provided unlimited all, so you will never run out of anything.

Explore Your School

Your school in Idle Magic School is filled with many mysteries, and you have to solve them. Explore every inch of it and get generous rewards and achievements. The magic shop gives you a lot of free coins, so keep on collecting them. There are many business challenges in your way to solving them to make your school the best in the world.


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