Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

About Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a simulation game with more than ten million downloads. You can add everything your heart says to it, like sofa, Tents, hammocks, fireplaces, etc. You can also add an open-air café, multiple microphones, and guitars for an outdoor music festival. You have to choose your favorite furniture to design a campsite as per your choice.

You can also open a theme park and burst crackers in the sky to celebrate it. You have to decorate multiple areas in your campsite like a cabin, camper, and more. Many events like fishing journeys and gardens happen numerous times a year and help you collect essential items. You can choose from over a thousand types and styles of furniture, three hundred different clothing styles, and more to use in your camp.


Your camp can contain more than a hundred animals with their unique personalities. Take good care of them, fulfill their needs, become good friends, and share a meaningful relationship. Once you have grown close enough to them, ask them out in your camp. Your campsite must be decorated sufficiently to attract all the animals.

It has a lot to offer as you get unlimited leaf tickets which can be distributed among your friends. Capture photos with them to share with your friends. Your friends can rate your camp, and if it’s good enough, you can get a lot of bells. We have provided unlimited bells so you can enjoy the game without worrying about impressing your friends.

We have provided unlimited everything in it for free so download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp MOD APK Latest version now.


Craft and Add Furniture

A lot of animals will frequently visit your campsite. So it would help if you had good furniture which covers all their needs and wants to live peacefully and happily there. Animal Crossing provides you with all the required furniture like tables, chairs, restaurant space, utensils, drawers, tents, fireplaces, couches, etc. If you don’t get your desired one, you can craft your own.

You can get wood and start building the blocks of whichever furniture you want and design your campsite the way you like.


Unlock Clothes, Shoes, and Other Accessories

There is plenty of clothes, shoes, furniture and other accessories which can be used to decorate your campsite. Use over a thousand unique types of furniture, three hundred styles and fashions of clothing, and more. You will have to cover the needs of all the animals, and there are more than a hundred types of them with unique personalities.

If you full fill their requests and care about them, you make deep friendships with them. Make new friends in Animal Crossing and get unlimited bells.


Many Events to Celebrate

Many events take place in Animal Crossing every year. There are many Fishing Tourneys and Garden Events, seasonal events like Christmas, Easter, New Year, and more. During these events, you will get many unique challenges and missions like decorating your campsite with horror on Halloween.

It will help you get more rewards and prizes.


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