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Online streaming is a technique for making audio, video, and all other multimedia assets quickly available just by an active internet. In simple words, Online streaming has enabled more comfortable access to all multimedia resources globally available. In all of these platforms, the online video platform is notably outstanding. It’s a mixture of numerous services such as Online Video Streaming, Online Video Sharing, Live Streaming, and many other excellent facilities. The competition among all the Global Video Platforms is getting damn powerful nowadays. In this competition of video-sharing platforms, Youtube is positioned at the top of the list. Youtube is the best video-sharing platform all over the world. This platform has taken an extreme global population of the whole video market since it was the first online video sharing platform and a co-brand of Google. Nowadays, billions of users are streaming Youtube services, and the numbers are growing day by day.


About two years ago, Youtube started its paid membership program known as Youtube Premium. While using this subscription, a user can easily surf Youtube’s vast content without getting interrupted by video and banner ads. Youtube is also embedded with a lot of additional features in this subscription, such as Background Play, Enhanced quality, and much more. Although Youtube Premium started as a paid service, which indicates, it will only provide you with these exceptional features while you pay 129.00 INR per month to them.

But there are many students, professionals, and other people who still can’t afford such a huge price just for getting rid of ads and a few additional features. For those guys, a standalone app was created entitled YouTube Vanced, which basically gives you the same experience as the Youtube Official application and provides you with all the premium features without paying any cost. Youtube Vanced also consists of a lot of additional features that we will cover in this article. So must read this whole article carefully and enjoy the app.


Youtube is the globally #1 ranked online video sharing and streaming platform. It’s the only online video platform that covers over two billion monthly active users. Youtube was started in Feb 2005 in California by three former Paypal employees. If we observe the statistics at the present moment, Youtube earned billions of new users, and even it became the world’s second-largest social media platform.

If we talk about the content, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so you can easily understand how much content is there on Youtube. It’s also an excellent platform for gamers, singers, dancers, and about every type of creators to help them in earning cents by their creativity. Even if you’re a watcher or love watching new and trending videos online, Youtube can instantly provide you with any content you demand. Moreover, Youtube also has started a paid membership program through which you can acquire a lot of further features in the app, such as no ads, background play, and much more. But you won’t have to worry about the paid plan since here in this article we will provide you with a modified application – Youtube Vanced APK which will help you experience all its premium features free of cost.


Youtube Premium Plans

Youtube Premium offers a versatile variety of subscription plans, starting from 129.00 INR and ends at 399.00 INR. All the premium subscription plans of Youtube are entirely based on price, features, and usage. These subscriptions will provide you with an unusual ad-free experience, and they will also help you access a vast collection of Youtube Original content. Below there are listed all the subscription plans of Youtube with descriptions –

Individual Plan – This is the best plan on Youtube premium if you’re using all the professional features individually or in simple words, it’s only a one device acceptable plan. This plan will provide you with an ad-free experience and the background picture in picture mode available. Also, you can surf the entire Youtube Original content after getting subscribed to this plan. Moreover, you will also get a free Youtube Music subscription with this plan. This plan will cost you 129.00 INR monthly or 399.00 INR for three months.

Family Plan – The family plan is the same as the Individual plan in terms of features, but the only plus point that you’ll get with this plan is the extended number of users. By subscribing to this plan, You can enjoy Youtube’s premium features with your family members. You can add up to your five family members (aged 13+) who live under the same roof or household. This plan will cost you 189.00 INR per month, and there isn’t any enhanced plan for it.

Student Plan – If you’re a student and pursuing through any school or college right now, Youtube can provide you with its premium subscription just in 79.00 INR per month while providing the same features as both the above plans. For applying this student plan, you must have to upload your Identification card affiliated with your University or School. So if you’re a student, it’s the best option for you.


Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced is a simple android application with the same user interface as the official Youtube application. It’s just a modified or cracked version of Youtube, which can provide you with all the premium features and few additional features at zero cost. Moreover, this app is 100% bug-free and can work on any of your devices, either rooted or not. This application can provide you with a few additional features such as Enhanced quality of the videos, gestures for adjusting volume and brightness, and a lot of other outstanding features.


Micro G is a simple clone of Google’s proprietary core libraries and applications. It’s the most trustworthy clone of Google services. For signing in to this application, you must need a bypass software named Micro G with it since this application is launched basically for non-root access phones so that Google Play Services will not play on this app. Signing in can provide you with the professional recommendation of videos for you as per your watching taste. So in this section, you will get the complete information as well as the download link for the Micro G software. You can also experience each premium feature of Youtube without Micro G in Vanced, but you must need it for signing in to your google account.

Features of Youtube Vanced

There are various features implemented in the Youtube Vanced app. Apart from the Youtube Premium features, there are still countless additional features embedded with this application. From all its features, we’ve listed the most useful characteristics below –

No Ads

Now, you can quickly get rid of the Youtube virtual ads without spending a single rupee. Every Youtube user is troubled by Youtube ads. Every time they stream their favorite content, get interrupted by Google ads, and it’s damn costly to purchase a Youtube premium subscription just for getting rid of sticky ads. But in the Youtube Vanced app, you will receive a feature by which you can disable Youtube ads damn easily and stream your favorite movie or videos without any interruption. So download this app right now and enjoy an unusual ad-free experience free of cost.


Background Play and Picture-in-Picture mode

Background Play is one of the most desired features of every user from Youtube since it consists of around every audio track published yet, and everyone wants to listen to their favorite song while doing some extra work on their phone. Youtube Vanced APK is the best option for multitaskers since you can complete your other important tasks while playing Youtube in your phone’s background. You can use it in the background in two modes, either audio-only mode or picture-in-picture mode.

For playing Youtube Vanced app in “picture in picture mode,” you only have to press the home key while watching content. You can also adjust that small screen anywhere on your mobile display, and also you can control the video(next, pause, play, previous). You can also consume the phone battery while listening to songs on Youtube by locking the phone since you can also listen to songs on the black screen via this app.

Youtube Premium Content

Youtube provides many original web series like A.I., Impulse, Wave, Origin, and various other web series. But you can’t watch these original web series without subscribing to the premium membership. So we’ve modified the Youtube Vanced application in a way that you can also access the Youtube Original content in this app without paying any single rupee.

User-Friendly Interface

Youtube Vanced is a simple interface app with having the same menu and content setup as the Youtube official apps. This app is just a copied version of Youtube official with some additional features. This app consists of the same five tabs – Home, Explore, Subscriptions, Inbox, and Library. You will also get the search and stream button above with the account details snap. Moreover, in the Library tab, you can find the videos that you’ve downloaded offline and last watched history.

For accessing all the Vanced features, you only have to sign in to this application and then tap on the top-right corner account button where you will get the settings button. Under the settings section, you will get an option of Vanced Settings on the last second point. In Advanced Settings, you can turn on all the additional features that come with the Youtube Vanced app.

Swipe Controls

It’s the best feature of Youtube Vanced APK, having the swipe controls for adjusting video sound and brightness. Now you can get the MX Player gesture controlling innovation in Youtube too. For turning the Swipe Controls on, you only have to open the Advanced settings under which you will get the Swipe controls option listed. From those settings, you can turn on the swipe control for brightness and volume as well as you can also configure the threshold or the swiping sensitivity. Must use this feature at least once after downloading this app, it will blow your mind.

Preferred Resolution

This feature will allow you to watch the video resolution which your phone doesn’t support. So by downloading this app, you can watch full HD 1080p videos on a small 720p resolution phone. You can simply override the resolution of videos by operating Vanced Settings under which, you will notice the Video quality option. By tapping on it, you will get four options from which you can override the resolution different for data usage and Wi-fi usage. Also, you can set the preferred video speed up to 2x from those settings.

Dark Mode

The Youtube Vanced app gives you access to change the Youtube theme between light and dark mode, and it doesn’t matter on which device you’re using. You can turn on the dark mode in the app by opening the general menu under the setting option. In the General menu, you will get an option listed as the appearance that you can toggle as per your desired theme.



Youtube Vanced APK is a modified application with the same experience and user interface as the Youtube Official application. The only difference between both of these apps is some additional features. The Youtube Vanced apk is an excellently modified app that will provide you with each Youtube Premium feature without paying any money. Apart from that, it will also provide you with enormous, additionally embedded features that you won’t get with Youtube Premium. Moreover, you can easily download the Youtube Vanced APK by the link provided in this article. All the proper steps to download and install Youtube Vanced APK are listed above, so please firstly read them carefully and then download the application. Still, if you have any other questions, then you can comment on them in the below box. Enjoy it.

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