UC Browser

About Uc Browser

It’s one of the most popular web browsers globally, with millions of users so far.

You get Unlocked Youtube, Pro premium version, and much more in the modified version for free.

It takes care of your online security by providing free VPN and incognito mode.

Thus your browsing data is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Its new version has also added several themes through which you can customize its interface according to you.

Click on the links below to download the modded version and also check the all version list.


Fast Download

Its servers provide you with the best and fast download experience by compressing the audio or video file without losing quality.

So that way, you can save your data as well as storage space and enjoy fast downloads.


Easy to use UI

It is effortless to use UI with inbuilt video, audio players, and VPN, making it easier for you to save storage space by not downloading every single of them separately.

You also get night mode and other browsing features.

Ad Block & Security features

Adblocker makes the sites more secure as many ads contain several viruses, which automatically get downloaded on your device, leading to data breaches.

Other security features include VPN and incognito mode to protect your data.


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