Timestamp Camera Pro


Nowadays, a lot of mobile devices are equipped with sound camera systems. Users can easily create amazing works of art or videos at resolutions up to 4k. Many photography applications take advantage of the smartphone’s strengths. Timestamp Camera Pro is a photography app developed by Bian Di. This app is the best tool that allows users to add timestamps, locations, and maps to their photos. Timestamp camera pro mod apk is a new Android app that helps you to take photos and videos at the right time. The app has been developed by timestamp studio.
And this application is totally free. This app allows you to automatically mention your date and location in your photos and videos when you visit your location. It also allows you to view your older album so you can remember your shoots.

Timestamp Camera Pro

Just download this app to your device and try it out. It is said to be the best because the communication design is extremely close to the user. This means that users do not feel a sense of distance at all. Just click on the application, and everything will be guided thoroughly. You just need to follow all the steps that the tutorial app will be able to get what you need. Timestamp Camera Pro does not provide a separate camera system. It uses the built-in camera to produce works with the best quality. This means you don’t have to take an extra step; just open the camera to get everything on the screen. Thanks to this, you will be able to track everything in real-time. If it is correct, then if it is wrong, you can immediately correct it. These interactions make the application much simpler and easier to get used to. Where a problem arises, solve it right there, without having to wait for everything to finish before settling it later. You may not remember where or when the picture was taken. But Timestamp Camera Pro can help you remember every moment.

Moreover, you don’t need any technical skills to use this application because it is very simple and easy to use. I would like to suggest this application to people who love to click photos or want to create videos. It is an Android app that can stamp any photos with the current time and date.

Timestamp camera pro mod apk

A new app that is getting tons of attention lately in this app has been designed with the idea in mind to improve the picture quality as well as allow for better customization options than what you would find with other apps and timestamp camera pro mod APK. Many features make this app stand out. One is its ability to take multiple shots and then merge them into a single photo. The timestamp camera pro mod APK also allows more control over how your photos look by allowing you to adjust things like exposure, contrast, brightness and saturation level. Before saving your photo. This fabulous application named timestamp camera pro mod APK is a very good and simple application that we can use very easily without any difficulty. Its main work upon photography videos and photos. Bian Di has published this app, and it is a totally unlocked mod, so enjoy premium tools for free. The latest version of this app is 1.202. Its size is only 4 MB. You can easily download this amazing application within the Play Store and its mod version here. This app was last updated in May 2022.

Timestamp Camera Pro


The timestamp camera pro mod APK. This app is one of the most popular camera apps in the android market, which is packed with so many exclusive features and so many options and has so much control that you can adjust and apply manually to the videos and photos. Moreover, its existing menu system will help you go through the app and help you find all the settings you are looking for.

Support so many premium tools

As you know, this app has many options, so you will never face any problems using it because it supports many things. You can change the background of the timestamp. You can change the font size and style and its colour too. It also supports auto GPS location or address, so you don’t always need to mention it. This app does not have any restrictions.

Many unique options

This app has many unique options in terms of camera. Which you can adjust, or you can change according to your choice. You can change the quality of videos and pictures with just a single click. If you want to set a timer on video as well as in a picture, then you can set it easily. You can set font size and colour without any problem.

Great optimization

This app has good optimization, so don’t worry if you have an average space on your mobile phone because this application works really well. Also, regular updates come with new improvements. So you can easily use this app on your mobile phone. This app is not only for timestamps, but you can use this app to record videos and pictures.

Super easy to use

The app is relatively easy to use, and one with a basic knowledge of Android phones can easily handle this application. There is no need to think about how to use the app because all the primary and essential functions work automatically, and the app’s interface is also simple and easy to understand. If you wish to customize the app, you can click on the setting menu, where you will find all the advanced and basic options in that menu.

Timestamp Camera Pro


Timestamp Camera Pro APK is an incredible editor and camera which is famous all over the world. I hope you all like this application very well. If you have not downloaded this app, then you must download it now. This app is great for those who are trying to keep track of their days in the calendar or just want to remember what they were doing at a particular time. It’s also useful for people who have trouble remembering dates but know how old they are because it will always show your age at the corner of every picture.

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