Time Princess


The gaming world has always blessed the users with a variety of genres to explore, and there are some of the games in the arsenal that cover so much that you don’t need to go anywhere else to search for entertainment. The niche of the virtual simulation is covered in the game’s world in such a tremendous dimensional approach that everything comes down to one platform.


The story-based gameplay is loved most by the users because they find some foundation or the reason to play that, but what if the game itself is a story exposure. Time princess mod apk is one such game where you have to immerse yourself in the roleplay character and dive into the eternal world of the stories, which comprises all the emotional and natural genres of depiction.

In the game, you will take up the role of the main character girl who goes on a tour to her old grandfather’s house in her summer vacation where she stays in her mother’s room and what she discovers is the colossal library inside containing a lot of books and she starts to read them. The stories are informal and cover many issues related to the history and their exposure storyline as to what happened.

Time princess mod apk offers you to design your character with multiple availabilities of the accessories in the gameplay and then get lost in the overtime stories where you discover your old times or incarnation kind of stuff. Earn rewards to unlock new storylines and new chapters by logging into the game again and again. Get lost in the old kingdom where multiple troubles surround the world.

Time princess mod apk

Time princess mod apk is an alternate and the ultimate variant of the original gameplay available here on our website to download and experience the enhanced version of the features and functions that get you t explore the full potential of the game. You will get unlimited money and rewards points which you can use to upgrade the designs and outlook of the characters unlocked pro stories in the modification.

This mod version offers free shopping for you to purchase all the tools and accessories, integrated with the ads blocking policy to block all the advertisements in the gameplay ensuring an uninterrupted flow. The variant doesn’t require rooting while installing it and offers the antiban and antivirus properties in the gameplay. No lagging and fixed bugs make the game version safe and secure.



Time princess mod apk comes with a variety of features and functions to explore, so we have below discussed some of them;

Make up the character.

Time princess mod apk allows users to choose the character that will quickly get going into the historical backgrounds. You will experience the world of stories in the character roleplay format, so choose wisely and make up the decisions to turn around the fate of the decision.

Design your character

Time princess mod apk offers users the available tools and accessories to design the characters. You have to make up your character with the outlook of the most flourishing design available in the concept for the users, like vivid outfits, plans, hairstyles, and more to look attractive. You will explore in the stories your love partner also, so be cautious in designing the outlook.

Various stories to immerse into

The Time princess mod apk offers the users explore the vivid stories in the world of the game where multiple histories and kingdom-related works in the books are depicted. Time will take you into the back world of history. Many formats of the stories to roleplay are offered to explore very intense phenomena and involvement from the emotional level.

Earn rewards to unlock stories

Time princess mod apk comes with the format where you will get to explore the new stories and the background. The application keeps the mode-operated ad updated with the latest episodes and more latest stories and contains depth elements. You have to earn the rewards to unlock the levels, and for that, the procedure seems to be very clear: to log into the game, which rewards you every time.

Decision-based fate

The Time princess mod apk comes with pre-decided events, but with the new updates now, the users control much of the story’s fate because of the decision-based gameplay and narrative. In the simulated levels, you will receive the options to choose from.

The choice you decide will tilt the direction and the after of the story to where it will land. So be very careful if you want to explore some imaginative elements, then decide accordingly to what roads take you where.


Explore love and many ending scenes

You will be able to explore in the stories multiple activities with your partner that you will find in the stories and every time in a different form. You have to decide the fate by the decision you make in the stories, choose other stories every time or the same in the game. You can select different options simultaneously and lead the account to a different ending every time. Explore the game to various perceptions.


Download Time princess mod apk to dive into the world of historical kingdoms stories from which your character will have the relevance to, various stories narrating different worlds to explore, and vivid scenes from your perception to explore them with the freediving of imagination. In this mod version, you will experience the gameplay of enhanced elements with unlimited money, ultimate coins, and premium stories unlocked, no ads, no root, and no lagging, fixed bugs.

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