Security and Privacy have become a myth nowadays since our confidential data, contact numbers, and identities can get hacked damn easily by our sim card. Anyone can get inside our phone just because of the network connection that we’re using right now. It means that we need to be more secure and more emerging towards enhancing the security of the device. Firstly, we need to take a step toward our SIM and network connection. TextNow is an android application and is the best option for bearing a new virtual sim or online SIM for enhanced and three-way security.


The TextNow app is known for advanced security and the cheapest international calling rates. Moreover, it’ll also help you with buying a UK or Canadian mobile number at the most affordable price. Additionally, you can also make calls and messages via these numbers in any country on the primary calling charges. TextNow can also be named as the new-gen advanced messaging and calling app where you can hide your private number and can call anyone with a virtual number.

The new messaging era

TextNow is a futuristic messaging platform containing almost all the messaging features that you need in an instant messaging app. Moreover, it’s an unbelievable application by which you can send free messages to Canadian guys and also UK guys at the cheapest rates. Apart from messaging, TextNow will also help you in calling someone with the digital mobile number of your own choice. Sounds great, right?

Take Digital Number in seconds

Before the last decade, it wasn’t possible for purchasing and using a digital SIM. But right now, it’s viable, only because of the creation – TextNow. It’s a technologized messaging app that comes with numerous impeccable features. Apart from the messaging, it also offers you VIP numbers from the UK and Canadian countries at the cheapest cost.

Additionally, it’s a convenient app that just needs a Mobile number and email-id for in-person verification. You don’t need to upload any confidential document or any official identity proof in TextNow to get a new virtual number. After putting in all these details, you can instantly acquire a digital mobile number and can use it as your default SIM for calling your friends and family members.

If you already have used the TextNow app before, then you must know about its ad-filled app interface. The official version is damn laggy and unresponsive which results in time-wasting. Whenever you’ll send a message to someone from the official app, you’ll get tremendous ads that will bother you. Well, you can also get rid of all these ads and can unblock all its premium features in 722.00 INR monthly. But it seems a massive amount for lots of students and professional guys since they can’t spend this much money on just a messaging app.

So for all such guys, we’re here with the TextNow MOD APK which is merely the modified version of official TextNow. We’ve cracked or scripted this application in a way that the premium subscription comes attached with it, and you won’t need to license it again. You can enjoy all the premium features holding an ad-free interface, voicemail transcription, and unlimited call, message, and multi-media history free of cost. Moreover, it consists of the same app interface as the official TextNow but is featured with lots of scripts.

Cheap Transnational Calling

If you’re living in India and wanna call someone in the US, UK, or Canada, you need to make a recharge of over 1000 INR. And this massive recharge only works a month, which is damn costly. But If you’re using the TextNow MOD APK, you can call someone sitting in the US or Canada free of cost if you’re using a Canadian number on it. Even if you want to contact someone in the UK or other countries, then you can make the cheapest recharges in your TextNow wallet and can talk in minimal credits. Must try it!!!


Unlimited Picture messaging

Excepting the Canadian number and messages, TextNow also allows you to send picture messages to your friends sitting anywhere in the world at an appropriate expense. TextNow permits you to capture and send pictures send already saved pictures, and it also delivers a vast collection of GIFs, Stickers, Emojis, and Text animations with the help of inbuilt GIPHY in it.

Customize your new caller

Customization is everyone’s favorite juncture in every app. You must like a customizable messaging application since everyone got bored with using the same WhatsApp application with that green theme and same headers and footers colors. We need something new, and TextNow MOD APK is all that we want. This exceptional application is customizable and comes with over ten different colors for headers. Moreover, it’ll also deliver you light and dark themes for a professional look.

One step towards security

TextNow MOD APK is the most secure android caller and messaging application. It includes a chat lock feature and as well as Google Smartlock which you can also open via fingerprint scanner. TextNow MOD APK ensures enhanced security since this app is 100% bug-free and won’t need any data permission. So must download and use it as your default calling app without worrying about anything.

Ease of access

As we already told you that TextNow MOD APK is a convenient app where you can open an instant account and can merely get a number for calling and messaging your friends at the cheapest rate. Additionally, you’ll also receive a home screen widget inside the settings of TextNow MOD APK. With this widget, you can instantly get inside the app and can directly send and receive messages. Sounds cool.



Final Words

TextNow MOD APK is an incredible modification and it’ll surely be worth your time and internet. It’s a high-tech application that allows you to make international calls at the cheapest rate and as well as send text and picture messages. Exceptionally, it’s a genuine application with advanced security modules and a 100% ad-free interface. So download it right now, and enjoy instant international calling and messaging at the cheapest costs.

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