Puzzle & Dragons

Introducing Puzzle & Dragons Mod Apk

In the game, we start an epic experience at the universe of puzzles and Dragons. Multiplayer Mode has shown up in Puzzle and Dragons, the go-to decision for the portable Puzzle RPG experience. Collaborate with your companions and tackle every single opponent in the game. and Dragons is both an addictive and FREE match-3 riddle game with exemplary beast gathering RPG fun!

Over the past few years, it has gained massive popularity and a fan base of millions of players and has made its name in the best RPG games for android. This game is so fun to play that it has many cute, adorable monsters waiting for you afoot! It also has amazing graphics and animations for other monsters!



The Puzzle & Dragons offer a very strategic and RPG gameplay. You will need to defeat the monsters. Also, you can form allies with millions of daily active players in the game. This, play together and win together against the monsters. Each win will bring wealth to you in the game.

You get to use over 200+ unique monsters and each of them possesses many unique and special abilities. It would help if you used them at the proper time to turn the fate of the puzzle. The best part is that the monsters synergy and help each other restore power in battles.

Whats New?

Super Bonus Attack: A super Bonus Attack is given to each player in a battle. It has the power to cause great destruction if used correctly.

Ultimate Evolutions: The game consists of two types of evolution the ultimate evolution and the super ultimate evolution. Now some of the ultimate evolution has been recategorized in the super ultimate evolution.

Max Monster Box Size: The max monster box size has been increased to 9,000 from 8,100 making you able to take more monsters at battles.

Bug Fixes: A lot of bugs reported last time have been fixed with this update making the gameplay more user-friendly.


you need to form a monsters team to participate in battles in the Puzzle & Dragons. The combat is simple as just three matches in a row with the highest points team wins. If you use multiple combo attacks, then you can increase your damage as well as an attack using other monsters from your team!


The game consists of an out 2000+ unique monsters with different abilities and skills. Thus there’s no limit for you in teaming up and forming an incredible ten with them. Monsters also synergize with each other, helping each other gain power and recover in the middle of battles.


the monsters can evolve into more powerful forms. You will need to choose between the two evolution paths, namely ultimate evolution and super ultimate evolution. The super ultimate evolution is more powerful but requires more resources to evolve your monster.


The Puzzle & Dragons is a multiplayer RPG game in which you can team up with your game friends and millions of players playing it. Exchange IDs with friends for better team formation. Moreover, you get to discover social features like chatting and so on in the game to guide your teammates.


The game becomes even more fun when you play in Multiplayer mode. This mode allows you to connect and play with players Globally. You can play with them randomly in the mode. However, you will need a higher rank to unlock it then you will be able to play in the mode.

Use the download button below to download Puzzle & Dragons Mod Apk. Moreover, you can also get to know about the mod features below. If you need any more and more modded apps and games then please head over to our homepage.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Magic Stones: The magic stones are needed in the game by you for evolving your dragon with an ultimate evolution or a super ultimate evolution. The more magic stones you have the more Dragon you evolve. So use our unlimited magic stones mod and get all of them for free.

Premium Eggs: The game also consists of premium eggs of dragons which help you to give strength to your team by birthing a new and powerful dragon in the team.

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