Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video


Hello, friends. Today we are going to discuss the Pure Tuber Mod Apk. All of you must have heard about Youtube and used this app, and then you must be thinking about what Pure Tuber is and the new feature in it. So let’s start today. We will tell you about the pure Tuber Mod Apk and its features. Today’s era is of the internet, and we all use the internet for things like watching movies, web series or working. We all know how important the internet is today. If there is no internet, it seems like a little less of a life. If we get some time from work, we like to watch videos on YouTube, but the ads bother us. So let me tell you about an app that will solve all your problems.


Nowadays, we have to entertain ourselves by staying at home. So in this way, we pass our time by watching web series, movies, etc.We all know how famous YouTube is in the entire world. YouTube has been downloaded in the billions. Everyone likes to watch YouTube. Many viewers and channels have increased on YouTube, so we get to see so many ads. Due to this, your videos get stopped, and you get disturbed and get very angry. But don’t worry, friends, because the Pure Tuber app is for you.

Here, you can watch unlimited ad-free videos. You can watch your favourite videos on this app without stopping, and you can subscribe to your favourite channels and watch your favourite songs, movies, comedy videos, and study videos on this app. The best thing about this app is that you can play the video in the background, and you can also use any other app on your mobile at that time.
Pure Tuber Mod Apk:

When we watch videos on YouTube, many ads come in one video, and we get upset by skipping those ads. And when we watch the video on high resolution, buffering starts, and we cannot watch the video well. And we do not open any other app while watching the video. Are we tired of all these reasons? But all these problems have been solved by one app.

If you watch daily videos on YouTube, it is very useful for you.
Pure Tuber Mod Apk provides ad-free video, and here you can change the theme of your mind and play your video in the background. With this app, you can enjoy your favourite song, video, movie, or short video in high resolution. You can choose your video resolution here if you like. People buy premium subscriptions on YouTube because of the many advertisements, but you don’t need to buy anything in the pure tube here; everything is free. Here you will not see any ads. You can watch your favourite song with high-quality sound without any disturbance. Pure Tuber Apk provides premium services. So why are you waiting to download this amazing app?


Play the video in the background

The most frustrating aspect of YouTube is that you cannot do anything else while the video is playing, such as sending a message or doing other work. And if your screen is turned off, the video also stops. So, friends, there is nothing to worry about. You get all these features in the pure tube. In this app, you can watch your video in the background, and you can also chat with anyone simultaneously. Then you can do your other work too.

Watch the video without any ads

Everyone watches videos. Some watch study videos, some watch comedy videos, and some overlook the videos for knowledge on YouTube, but they are very well advertised on YouTube. But this pure tuber provides an ad-free service.
The best thing about this app is that you can watch YouTube videos directly without any ads. This app blocks all advertisements that appear in the video. You can watch your favourite videos non-stop. You will not bother with advertising at all.

Play high-definition video

We all know how important video quality is to us. If the video quality is not good, it is not fun to watch it. Since the internet has become cheaper, we have become used to watching high-quality videos. But sometimes, we have to watch the video at low speed when we don’t get the option to set the resolution.
You can watch videos in high resolution in this app, and you can set the resolution of each video as you wish. You can watch videos from 360p to 4K in this app. If your internet connection is good, then you can enjoy high-resolution videos.

A beautiful interface

The interface of this app is very simple and easy to use. With this, you can easily search for any video. You will find many videos on the home page according to your search. You can customise it according to your liking, like colour change and many more. You will not face any kind of problem with this beautiful interface.

excellent search engine

You have a problem with searching in many apps; you cannot search for your favourite video. However, full Tuber is an app that allows you to easily search for your videos. You just have to go to the search box and type in your favourite video; then, you can easily find your video.

Very easy Login and logout system

If you log in, you will get many features unlocked, and then you can take advantage of all the features. You will find it very easy. You can log in with your Google account and then, after a successful login. You can enjoy features like liking videos, subscribing to your favourite channels, and creating your playlists. Also, you can see your search history and watch it.

Enjoy Offline Videos:

If you are busy with your work and cannot watch your online video, you can download that video through this. After downloading the video, you can also set the quality of the video. And you can enjoy your video offline. You can download your video and watch it comfortably with your friends and family members.



There is a lot of advertising on YouTube and other apps. The most significant problem is that people have to see an advertisement before the video. The ads bother us a lot. So, in such a situation, you can download “Real Tuber.” You can watch your video without any ads. Today we know about all its features, so do not wait; download this app now. You will not face any problems downloading this app. You will find the link below.

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