About PdaNet+

PdaNet+ is a communication app that shares the internet across your android phone and computer for free on nonrooted devices.

It uses modes like WiFi, FoxFi, USB & Bluetooth to share internet access. The free version limits users to 50 MB, but our mod has no limits.

It makes internet connection easy and accessible among different devices using your android phone.

So download its latest version from this page for free.


WiFi Direct mode

It connects your computer/tablet to the android phone via WiFi but requires you to install its client app or set up a proxy as per the device you wish to connect.

Enable it in “WiFi Direct Hotspot” and tap help for further instructions.


If your computer doesn’t show hotspots, then.

  1. Restart Hotspot on Android.
  2. Click on ‘Show All Direct WiFi hotspot.’

FoxFi Mode

Install a separate Foxfi app to use this feature. However, your hotspot will be metered, and you cannot go past that limit. So the direct WiFi hotspot is a better option.

It’s also not supported on in-game & streaming devices like TV.


USB Mode

Connect your phone to a PC using a USB cable to share the internet. The “WiFi Share” feature can turn Windows into a WiFi Hotspot so you can increase range and connect several devices.

If your phone isn’t being seen by the computer after connecting through USB, see this article for help fixing it.

Bluetooth Mode

Use Bluetooth to connect the phone to PC and share internet access. However, we recommend WiFi methods for the best result.


Do I need this software?

The PdaNet software has been around since the first Treo smartphone in 2003. With over 30 million downloads in total, it must be something that everyone needs- right? Well…it really depends on your carrier and plan type! There are 4 kinds of data plans from most carriers:

1. The data plan (limited or unlimited) does not allow you to turn on the mobile hotspot feature of your phone. This is because it prompts users to call their carrier.

2. With a data plan that’s unlimited and you can turn on a mobile hotspot from your phone to use it, but the speed will be throttled after metering (say 5G/month). FoxFi isn’t able to avoid this!

3. Unlimited Data Plan – Your data plans are unlimited and you can turn on mobile hotspot from your phone with no throttling cap. However, some phone models may have loopholes that allow them to “throttle” users by limiting speeds for heavy traffic periods (the amount of time spent using the internet).

4. You can turn on your phone’s mobile hotspot and use it, but the same data plan limits apply. You should also note that while this may seem like an option for unlimited internet access at home or work with no speed limitations.

PdaNet+ is software that can be used by anyone with an internet connection. If you’re not sure what type of plan your account falls under, then it will help to always have this program enabled on devices and never miss out!

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