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About One Booster – Antivirus&Cleaner

One Booster is a popular Android phone optimizer app with over a hundred million downloads. You can use its speed booster feature to improve the performance of your Android device and clear cache and junk to make space for more apps, photos, videos, and more. Once all the junk files are removed, your phone’s storage and performance will rise sharply.

If your device also drains a lot of battery as many apps keep running in the background, One Booster has a practical solution with its Battery Saver feature. It removes all unwanted apps from the ground, draining the battery and slowing down performance. It also lowers brightness and all other unwanted features of your device, which leads to faster battery drain.


Viruses are a massive problem for users as their data, personal information, and other files get leaked and corrupted. So it provides you with a cleaner to remove all the malware, viruses, adware, Trojans, and more. Once all the viruses are removed, you can enjoy a clean and usable system with all the privacy features and no compromises.

We have also provided you with all the premium unlocked features for free, giving you access to many paid features like no ads and more to help you optimize your phone. So download its latest version now.

Clean Junk Files to Free Up Storage Space

As the years pass and you use your device, many junks, residual, and cache files get in your system and are left unclean, so they occupy a lot of storage space and slow down your device. So you can use One Booster MOD APK to clean all the unwanted files, cache, junk, and more in a few seconds.

As its advanced UI ensures, you can free up a lot of space and not even bother about deleting the wrong files.


Protect Your Phone From Viruses

Viruses are a significant threat to your phone and may compromise your privacy. So One Booster has daily virus scans of your device. When you install/download an app, file, folder, document, photo, video, or more, it automatically scans and displays the result. It blocks the infected files and segregates them to protect other apps and files from getting infected.

Its antivirus engine is certified by TRUSTLOOK, so you can close your eyes and trust it to protect your phone from viruses, trojans, and more.


Boost Your Phone, Battery, and CPU

You can use One Booster to speed up your phone by freeing up space in the RAM as it clears all the unwanted apps running in the background. You can also run a speed test before and after boosting to know the difference. By hibernating them, you can also increase your battery life and avoid being drained by unwanted apps and features in the background.

If you ever want to cool down your device temperature, then here’s your chance to do it with a single tap using its CPU Cooler.


Easy to Use Interface

One Booster provides a straightforward and intuitive interface, which means you can efficiently perform all the operations like junk cleaning, antivirus scans, and more within a few taps and seconds to speed up your device. All of its features are on the home screen and accessible within a few clicks.

All these things will help you to boost your phone’s speed within no time and notice the difference.

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