Neo Monsters

About Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters is a popular RPG game with 4v4 battles with teams of over sixteen monsters and has been downloaded by millions of users globally. You can combine hundreds of abilities of those monsters to use in fighting.

You have to build your monster collection and upgrade them frequently to increase power and abilities. Compete in six leagues with over sixty hours of adventure gameplay.

Participate in hundreds of missions and challenges to get rewards and prizes. Our mod version provides unlimited gems, coins, fruits, and more for free. So download it now.


Explore A Massive World

There’s a massive world in there filled with plenty of powerful monsters and mysteries. Explore it’s to the core and unravel all their abilities in multiplayer battles to win coins and other rewards.

You can also play on multiple amps/worlds with unique obstacles and missions to complete.

Capture & Evolve

There are thousands of monsters that you can use in the arena. You have to collect them and add them to your monster collection. Then you can evolve or upgrade them to unleash their true powers.

Each of them has unique strengths. New monsters are added weekly, so keep collecting resources to upgrade them.


Find & Defeat Rivals

You can build a team of up to 16 monsters to compete in multiplayer battles. The battles will be fought in 4v4 matches, and you can team up with your friends or random players online.

Use the best abilities of your characters in the arena to win rewards and reach higher leagues.


Become the Ultimate Trainer

Compete in over six leagues in tournaments and more than sixty hours of adventure gameplay. You can explore multiple dungeons and islands in your journey filled with loot and rare items.

Know every character’s back story and solve the mystery of your late uncle’s atrocity.


Fully Animated Battles

Participate in duet PvP battles with players worldwide and complete hundreds of missions and events to reach new heights. Complete weekly challenges to unlock new rewards.


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