Infinite Painter

About Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a popular painting app for Android and iOS devices. The app offers a wide range of features and options, making it a great choice for both amateur and professional artists. One of the most notable features of Infinite Painter is the sheer number of brushes that are available.

There are over 100 different brushes to choose from, each with its own unique properties. In addition, the app offers an extensive range of colors and color mixing options. This makes it easy to create custom colors or to replicate the exact shades that you need for your project. Another great feature of Infinite Painter is the ability to create layers. This allows you to build up your painting slowly and make changes without ruining the overall effect.


You can also import photos and use them as reference images. In addition, the app offers an extensive range of tutorials that cover everything from basic drawing techniques to more advanced painting methods.

The app also offers a selection of photo-editing tools, making it easy to turn photos into paintings. Overall, Infinite Painter Mod APK is a powerful and versatile painting app that is well worth checking out.

Minimal and intuitive interface

The app has a minimal and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. The main menu is located at the bottom of the screen, and it includes options for brush size, color, opacity, and layer. The top of the screen displays the current canvas, and the bottom of the screen shows the user’s current brush. There are also buttons for undo, redo, and save. The interface is easy to navigate, and users can quickly learn how to use the app.

The app also includes a help section that provides tutorials on how to use the various features. Overall, the Infinite Painter app is a great tool for anyone who wants to create digital paintings.


Share Timelapse recordings with your friends

Infinite Painter is a powerful yet easy-to-use painting app that lets you share your timelapse recordings with your friends. With Infinite Painter, you can create beautiful paintings and share them with your friends easily. The app has a wide range of brushes, colors, and tools that you can use to create your masterpiece.

You can also add text and stickers to your painting to make it even more personal. once you’re done, simply share your painting with your friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Infinite Painter makes it easy to share your creativity with the world.


Convert brush strokes into editable shapes

Infinite Painter is an app that allows you to quickly and easily convert brush strokes into editable shapes. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it’s simple to use. First, open the app and create a new project. Then, draw a shape with your finger or a stylus. When you’re finished, press the “Convert to Shape” button. The app will then automatically generate a vector outline of your shape. You can then edit the shape by moving anchor points or adjusting the curve.

Once you’re happy with the results, simply save the file and share it with others. With Infinite Painter, there’s no need to fiddle with complex vector graphics software. The app makes it easy to create professional-looking illustrations, logos, and icons.


HD canvas sizes and tons of layers

The HD canvas sizes and the ability to create multiple layers are some of the best features of Infinite Painter. With HD canvas sizes, you can create high-resolution paintings that look extremely realistic. And with the ability to create multiple layers, you can add depth and dimension to your paintings. By using different colors and textures on different layers, you can create paintings that have a truly unique look. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Infinite Painter Mod APK is an app that can help you take your artwork to the next level.


Adjustments and live Filter layers

The app Infinite Painter has a wide variety of features that can be very helpful for artists. One of the most useful features is the live Filter layers. This allows you to see how your painting will look with different filters applied, without having to actually apply the filter. This can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to decide what kind of effect you want to achieve with your painting.

Another great feature is the ability to adjust the opacity of your layers. This can be especially useful when you’re trying to create a more subtle effect. Overall, the live Filter layers and adjustable opacity are two great features that can be extremely helpful for artists who are using the Infinite Painter app.

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