It’s a time of significant change in telecommunications since new platforms have emerged that stream videos and voice over the Internet. Nowadays, you can watch most TV shows, movies, and web series directly by online streaming services such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Alt Balaji, and much more. Even the video player MX Player also started its own streaming platform and provided enormous unique content. Today, we’re here to acknowledge you the complete insight about the Hotstar streaming service and grant you a modified application – Hotstar Premium MOD APK, which will provide you with the Premium subscription of Hotstar free of cost. The competition between all the video streaming platforms is getting extremely dominating nowadays. Every platform is releasing colossal advanced movies and shows every day. But in between all these platforms, Hotstar is growing at a constant rate since it provides more innumerable content than all other competing streaming services. Also, Hotstar is available in more than nine countries, and from all these countries, the highest crowd is from India, which watches Hotstar since there are over 300 million users of Hotstar from India.


Hotstar is the most downloaded and the most trustworthy video streaming platform in India. It consists of almost all the Indian TV serials, either in the Hindi language or any other. Moreover, Hotstar also contains great movies, web series, Kid’s cartoon shows, religious shows, etc. Apart from all this content, Hotstar also includes the exclusive Original content published by Hotstar itself. After getting acquired by Walt Disney Group, Hotstar also published immense Disney Content such as movies, marvel series, oscar-winning movies, IMDb top rated movies, and various Disney animation movies. Moreover, Hotstar also provides Ultra HD live streaming for all the live aspired content such as cricket matches, football matches, news, and many other sports shows. But for availing of most of the content available in Hotstar, you must have to subscribe its premium or VIP subscription, which costs thousands of rupees annually. So for providing you with all the premium features of Hotstar free of cost, we’ve posted the modified app of Hotstar – Hotstar Premium APK in this article.


Hotstar has covered many Indian crowds if we compare it with any other online video streaming platform. Indians love Hotstar since it’s Made In India platform, as well as, it contains a total of 7 Indian languages(Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu), and still, it’s busy updating new Indian languages. Star India launched Hotstar in February 2015, and right now, just after five years, Hotstar has acquired 300,000,000+ users in India and millions of extra users all over the world. If we look at its statistics, Hotstar has earned over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store and rated it as a 4.1* user rating with over 8 million positive reviews. Apart from the content, Hotstar also has broken a record of most content watched in a day in-between all over the world’s video streaming platforms. In 2019, Hotstar made a record of over 100 million content views in just 24 hours and over 555 new downloads per minute. Hotstar is the only Indian app that provides this much service and composes a high trust level in between the crowd.

If we talk about the Hindi TV series, Hotstar has a vast library of content than all other online video streaming platforms. Hotstar is the most immeasurable video streaming platform for India since it contains over 200 Indian TV shows. It consists of all the most liked Indian TV shows, which are available on the Hotstar such as Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata he, Mahabharat, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, and much more. Moreover, Hotstar is fulfilled with all the famous TV Channels such as Star Plus, Life OK, Asianet, Star World, HBO, Foxlife, 9XM, and all the Star Sports TV Channels. But most of the exceptional streaming content available in Hotstar is paid, and for accessing that, you must have to subscribe to one of its two plans. For getting more in-depth into its plans, must go through the below section.


Hotstar Subscription Plans

Despite the fact that a large number of Indians still have cable connections for streaming movies and TV serials in their households, there has been a steady decline in the Cable connection charges in houses since most of the online streaming services like Hotstar are providing the same content with immense additional shows at the same price. Basically, Hotstar contains two types of subscription plans, which both differ in terms of content quality, content limit, usage, and much more. Below are both the plans listed with their price and further information – Hotstar VIP – Hotstar VIP is the cheapest and most subscribed membership plan of the Disney+ Hotstar. This plan will grant you access to 7 multiplex blockbusters, exclusive Hotstar originals content, Indian TV shows, live sports streaming such as cricket, premiere leagues, etc. It also consists of Disney+ content such as Shows, Movies & Kids content, but you can only access this content in dubbed quality. The VIP Plan costs 399.00 INR per year, and you can’t get any monthly plan for it. Hotstar Premium – You must have known by hearing the term Premium that what can this plan perform. So the premium plan can give you access to the entire content available on the Hotstar app with exceptional sound and picture quality. As a plus point, the Hotstar Premium grants you access to Latest American Shows & movies. You can also cast these shows directly on your television, or if you have a smart TV, so you can also stream its content on the Hotstar app available on your TV. Primarily, the Hotstar Premium costs 299.00 INR monthly or 1499.00 INR yearly.

Hotstar Premium MOD APK

By looking at the above section, we can easily state that Hotstar Premium subscription is a damn costly subscription since, at this price, you can buy a set-top box with the cable subscription for a month. So for taking all of you guys out of this trouble, we’ve posted the modified variant of the Hotstar app – Hotstar Premium MOD APK in this article, which you can download comfortably by the link provided below. Hotstar Premium MOD APK is simply the modified application recreated for providing you all the paid content available in the Hotstar app free of cost. This modified app works on the basis of the Hotstar Premium Subscription as it grants all the features available in the Premium subscription. That’s why it’s termed as Hotstar Premium MOD APK. Moreover, you can easily use this app damn since it contains a damn comfortable user interface that is ditto the same as the official Hotstar app. Download this app right now and enjoy all the Premium features worth 1499.00 INR free of cost without any time limit. So after going through the whole article about the Hotstar MOD APK download this modified app by the link provided in this article.


Hotstar is the most downloaded and most used OTT service all over the world until now since it contains over 300 Million active users and as well as 8 Million premium subscribed users. So drop the hard work and try smart work by downloading the Hotstar MOD APK and acquiring all the premium features listed below –

No Ads

It’s one of the brilliant features available in the Hotstar MOD APK since no one desires to be stuck between advertisements while watching their favorite shows. Advertisements are the major drawbacks that caused television services to decrease day by day. Most people are swapped from television to mobile for watching their favorite content without ads. So after downloading the Hotstar Premium MOD APK, you won’t ever get interrupted by advertisements between entertainment. Download Hotstar Premium APK right now and enjoy the endless content without ad interruption.


Premium unlocked

The Hotstar Premium subscription is the most costly subscription of the Hotstar, which costs 299.00 INR monthly or 1499.00 INR yearly. But if you’re going for the Hotstar Premium MOD APK, then you’ll receive unlimited access to the Hotstar Premium subscription free of cost. By downloading Hotstar Premium APK, you can watch all the Disney+ shows in premium sound and picture quality and all the locked content free of charge.

Sports and live content

If you’re using the free plan of Hotstar, then you must know about the trial function of Hotstar. Basically, it provides a few trial hours per account for streaming live sports shows such as cricket premier leagues, ICC world cup, and other sports shows. But after downloading this app, you don’t have to worry about that since the Hotstar MOD APK will provide you with unlimited hours of live streaming sports and other shows free of cost.

Hotstar Originals

Apart from all the series, movies, and TV shows, Hotstar also provides an immense collection of exceptional Hotstar Originals like Netflix and the prime concept. But the Hotstar will provide you with even more entertaining content than these other platforms. Some most popular Hotstar Originals are Criminal Justice, Kanpuriye, Hostages, and Son of Abish. There are still a lot of features available in the Hotstar MOD APK, such as offline download feature, Full HD content, No root access required, and no login required. So after going through all the features of Hotstar MOD APK download this app for experiencing them.


There is immense content available in the Hotstar platform, which is locked for their premium subscribers. So for helping you all and providing this extremely costly subscription free of cost, today we’re here with the modified version of the Hotstar – Hotstar MOD APK. This application already has the premium subscription of Hotstar attached to it, so that you don’t have to pay money for watching any single premium show. Moreover, this app can comfortably operate in any android device over the Android 4.4 version, even either if it’s rooted or not. So download the Hotstar Premium MOD APK right now and complete all your favorite shows free of cost.

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