Simulation games are the best genre that lets us live in a realistic world and perform actions that we didn’t ever dream of. These video games are designed in a way that closely imitates real-world activities or characters. Moreover, they also shower excellent graphics and audio quality that make these games highly accepted and loved. And what will be more desired than plant growing games, is even more desirable when the game is regarding hemp. Yes! We are here to discuss a game on hemp – “Hempire – Weed Growing Game.


Though hemp is not banned, the law prohibits anyone from cultivating it for commercial purposes. Thus the game is enough to quench your thirst. It’s not only about growing but also offers many other activities to perform and exhibit your strategic skills to keep you engaging. You can play various modes in this impeccable android game and can really enjoy all its features.

Excepting the description of this impressive Android game, we will also give you more reasons to love the gameplay with Hempire MOD APK – a version with fascinating incentives. Ready for fun? So go through the entire article and also download our modified version.

Hempire – Plant Growing Game

Hempire is an android game full of dramatic visuals, and practical motions that make it a totally fun package. For all the hemp lovers and nature enthusiasts, Hempire is the most optimum selection since it won’t only acknowledge you but also make you enjoy it. LBC Studios Inc. developed the Hempire in 2017 for iOS and Android smartphones, and the team is always trying to ensure the players’ satisfaction with regular updates.

Ever thought of how it would feel to grow hemp or become a weed entrepreneur? If not, then believe once and start playing the game to become a colossal tycoon in the world of hemp harvesting. That too, without breaking any laws! Make it happen realistically with the help of Hempire on any of your smartphones.


A protean hemp game

Hempire offers versatile gameplay with numerous activities on a single platform via different realistic storylines. Here, you can Plant, cultivate, decorate farm, win tournaments, sell through the dispensary, earn, invite and play with millions of players across the world. Furthermore, you can invest your earned cash into several other businesses and dominate the industry. In other words, it’s merely an entrepreneurship game based on hemp.

Though the content is not suitable for children, its operations are quite simple. It would be best if you worked hard on your plot of land to conquer tons of hurdles and trials coming your way. Moreover, you can also find guidance in each of the stages that will help you plan for your next step wisely. You can even get innovative by creating & improving among nine strains under three categories – Sativas, Hybrids, Indicas.

Prepare yourself to be stoned without being stoned just by downloading the app. It can be played offline as well as online.

Hempire is a renowned game in the community, enjoyed by more than 10 million users. The game has many fantastic roles, hence most o the users give a 5-star rating and a positive review. The cinematic graphics and top-notch sound quality are also the reason for its applaud. However, during significant obstacles, some in-app currency sources are required. These game items once depleted, are available for purchase using real money.

Spending money every time is the most disturbing part of the game. So keeping that in mind, we have developed the modified version of this exceptional android game Hempire MOD APK. It’s an impeccable version with the same interface and functioning but having additional features and endless resources for free.


Play legendary with the unlocked VIP Mode

As we all know, VIP mode comes with certain privileges, but we need to pay a significant amount of money for VIP membership. But not after installing the Hempfire MOD APK. Because Instant Growth, Increased Speed, Additional dispensary slots, and many more Unlimited VIP features are unlocked under Hempire MOD APK free of cost. Also, you can download it effortlessly just by going through the below-most link. Try it now!!

Shop for anything you want in the game

It takes about 3 hours to create currencies in the form of Diamonds. Hence, Having Unlimited Gems is, of course, the dream of all players in this game. Well, we have promised to convert your dreams into reality through this simulation game. Considering that, Hempire MOD APK will grant you infinite Diamonds. These can be used to buy unlimited money or unlimited fertilizer or for buying more modern and classic costumes for your character.

Buy infinite homes for maximum growing

Money is always earned by hard work. In Hempire, you gain by completing various missions or by doing some general housekeeping work in the city. You require money for necessary upgrades, renovations, or decorating of your city. So download Hempire MOD APK to grab all currency in the quickest way possible. Get free infinite cash and be the wealthiest entrepreneur.


Support of the endless keys

Keys are one of the main currency in the Hempire since it helps in unlocking various types of stories and chapters. And if you’re playing the official version, then you can buy the Keys in exchange for diamonds in the Pawn Shop. But after installing the Hempire MOD APK, you can experience endless keys to spin the wheel, build enterprises, and improve your business.

Karma is a myth here

Karma is basically self-policing, based on players ranking their experience with other players in-game. Everyone starts with 0 karma level, and that level is affected by ratings given by other teammates. If you are a good teammate, you will receive positive Karma. Well, you don’t need to think much about it after downloading the Hempire MOD APK. Since it’s offering endless Karma, you are not dependent on anyone for your high Karma level. Time to astound all your friends on Hempfire with eternal Karma!!!

Play with zero-interruption

The best feature is yet to be disclosed. You would be rejoiced to know that Hempire MOD APK has an entirely Ad-free interface. Advertisements are the worst and the most unwanted part of any game. And that’s why we’ve built this game with the No-ads script. Enjoy it!!!


Final Verdict

If you like productive simulation games, then this game is for you. Download Hempire MOD APK on your smartphone & Turn your weed farm into a thriving canna-business. There’s no obligation even to wait for the resources to refill since almost everything is unlimited in the Hempfire MOD APK. Begin the addictive journey of becoming a hemp tycoon much faster. Let’s get growing!!!

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