Epic Seven

About Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a popular anime-based RPG game for android devices on the play store. The game’s name states that the story will start in the seventh world. Dyche, the Goddess of Life in the game, used all of her strength to give birth to guardians, and the world’s responsibility lies to them.

Apart from that, the game contains many more characters for you to explore. Each of them is anime-based and designed by the top animators in the industry.

The game has recently achieved a significant milestone of more than five million plus registered players and downloads worldwide on the Play store along with top rankings in the RPG category.

Many of its players also wanted to play the game with all the mod features like unlimited money gems and much more for free, so we provide the Epic Seven MOD APK.


A Vast and Engaging Story

The game offers a fantastic storyline, which is very engaging as well. You get tons of extraordinary characters along with the story. The story starts in the seventh world, where a goddess of life named Richie disperses all of her powers, and the Adventures begin.


Fully Playable 2D Graphics

They’re a great touch to the 2D graphics in the game with all the graphical elements like shadows, textures, and much more. You will have lots of fun while playing the game for sure. Great animators design all the animations for you to get the highest quality gameplay.


PvP Arena

The arena is the center of the game, as all the battles occur there. The guardians who were born when the goddesses of life, Dichie, disperse her powers have to fight the Heir of the Covenant, and the arena is transformed into a war battlefield.


Guild and Glory

You have to Participate in 3v3 guild battles and win to get resources. You can have random teammates or invite your friends to play along with you in those matches.


World Boss

The game offers a World Boss mode to fight with your opponents with up to 16 heroes. Moreover, you will also unlock the heroes’ full abilities in the battles. There are hundreds of heroes with extraordinary abilities, so you have to choose the best 16 out of them.


CreditsEpic Seven ​is created by Smilegate Megaport So, full credit goes to them for sharing this best RPG game with us.

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