Days After

About Days After: Survival Games

Days After is a popular zombie survival game with more than a million downloads. The world is suffering through a zombie apocalypse, and you have to survive through its terrible consequences, which include fighting with zombies, hunger, infection, raiders, and more. You must work on different skills like shooting, building, fighting, and adventure to make a living and survive in this harsh world.

Long gone are the days when humans rule the world, and now it’s time for the zombies. All the cities are flooded with zombies, and no place to hide. So you have to make your shelter in a city and gather resources to keep there and survive till the end. You have a free shopping feature to get all the necessary items to stay and free craft to use those items to build helpful stuff.


You can either choose to fight and live in this world or die, as the law of the survival of the fittest is applicable here. Zombies are approaching you for blood and brains; a single mistake can result in your death and losing the game. Everyone is struggling to survive, and we have provided you with all the mod menu features to make survival more accessible and your journey more entertaining.

You can choose and customize your character as you like and even upgrade it to the max level. Your city is slowly going down, and you must collect all the remaining resources to stay a life and gather them in your shelter. You must fight against wild animals, bandits, zombies, and many more obstacles on your way to survival. You will need to collect essential items and craft powerful weapons and armor.


Your only aim in the game is to survive at any cost, and you must do everything possible to achieve it. We have also offered you unlimited money and many more features for free. So download its latest version now.

Survive Till the End

Days After MOD APK presents you with a survival mission where you have to prove you are the fittest and can survive among the zombies. You have to keep shooting zombies and remove them from your way. Moreover, there are other survivors, and you must protect them from working together.

The more people you have on your side, the better goes chances of your survival. You also have to find a woman to love in these dark times, as despite all the troubles, you will have to reproduce if you want humanity to win.


Explore the City

There are tens of fading cities you must explore to gather valuable resources and items to store in your shelter. You will witness various types of zombies, some of which are more dangerous than others. You must be prepared to survive through zombie viruses, hunger, thirst, unthinkable conditions, and more.

So not all zombies are worth fighting, and in some cases, running is the best option for survival for yourself and your loved ones, so pick your battles carefully. Explore the city and its many locations to find a safe space and build your shelter.


Complete Missions and Challenges

You have to explore and play in various locations in Days After so you can explore its open free world and complete many missions and challenges to win rewards. You are in a PvE survival gameplay where the world is going through a zombie apocalypse, and the virus is spreading rapidly.

You have to work on your shooting and fighting skills as they are essential for survival and completing quests. These missions will help you improve your abilities and survive longer.


Form Alliances

You are not the only survivor out there, as there are many tough guys with whom you have to make a clan and join to chat and communicate with each other. You can also help each other survive by sharing resources and building/crafting valuable items together.

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