Ease of Access is everything you need in your life, and it’s the most crucial benefit of advanced technology. Tremendous years ago, we were using Java phones for playing 2D simplistic games. Whereas today we can enjoy realistic 3D games with the High definition graphics and sound quality in our Android smartphones. Moreover, we can also grasp the name of unknown callers before accepting unknown calls nowadays. All we need is to install the most technologized Caller-Identification applications like Truecaller and Drupe.


If you’re an Android techie, then you must have at least heard about the name TrueCaller. But did you ever have experienced the most impeccable competitor of TrueCaller – Drupe? Yes, Drupe is the toughest competition for the Truecaller app since it was developed after the invention of Truecaller. It has embedded the most advanced calling, call-blocking, and customization features that you can’t undergo inside the basic applications like Truecaller.

Firstly, you have to understand the in-app purchases before downloading the official Drupe application from the Google Play Store, as it contains the most costly premium membership. And you can’t enjoy the classic features of the Drupe application without having that paid membership program. So for bypassing the expensive membership fees, you can download our Drupe Pro MOD APK from the below link and enjoy the premium!!

A Contact+Dialer Android application offers you convenient features

Drupe is a technological Android application that offers you the most convenient Calling, Messaging, Dialer, Contact, and entire communicating features. The chief motive behind developing this app was enhancing the ease of access in Calling and Messaging functionality. It was developed in March 2015 by a techie developer and is trending in the top 20 Communication apps of Google Play Store.

As per the app plot, first, you’ll need to provide a few necessary permissions for calling, tracking calls, blocking, and notification features. Afterward, it’s all simple for you to customize your own calling interface and convenience features. It offers you a slider feature in which you can slide the screen from the left-side-positioned four dots, and experience the most convenient dialing and messaging functions.


It’s a drag-and-drop kind of application enabling you to call or message all your friends just by dragging their name card towards the Call button. You can merely operate every feature of this app, either if you’re a newly born baby or an adult. All it takes is your little time to click the below-most download button and install it on your smartphone.

Enjoy the Fastest Dialer, Speed Dial, and many more in an individual app

Drupe app offers you the Fastest Dialer trait in which you only need to drag and drop the caller ID from the Call-bar to the Sim option. And apart from that, you can also experience the Speed Dial by tapping any key for more than 2 seconds. Additionally, it’s also granting you a techie calling interface containing the simplistic T9 dialing buttons with the free sim-choosing options. Isn’t it handy?

Caller ID more intelligently than the TrueCaller app

Caller ID is the most innovative feature of this advanced technology since nowadays, we can comprehend all the unknown callers before accepting their calls. Moreover, this service also allows us to block the Fraud, Company, and Bank calls for getting rid of the daily annoyment.

Similarly, the Drupe Android app is also offering you a Caller ID trait consisting of more than millions of user’s names and data. So you won’t ever miss any important call because of harassment after downloading this impressive app.

Get upgraded free of charge just by downloading the modification

Drupe APK is a futuristic software that is damn hard to understand in just a single article. It contains more than 100 breathtaking features that you can’t experience in any other such application, even not inside the globally trending TrueCaller app. And for showering all those features in your life, today we’re here with the Drupe Pro MOD APK.

Drupe Pro APK is the modification of our official Caller application which contains the free Pro membership. If you’re downloading this app from the Google Play Store, you must have to pay 80.00 INR monthly fees, elsewhere, Drupe Pro MOD APK is offering you all those features free of charge. Moreover, it consists of the same app interface as the official application. Just click on the below download button and get amazed with this futuristic dialer app!


Time is crucial, Get rid of the online advertisements

As the first and the most delightful feature, Drupe Pro MOD APK is offering you a 100% ad-free app interface. We got immense comments from our users about the advertisement annoyance by the Drupe official application, and that’s why we’ve developed this app with an embedded ad-blocker extension. So download this app, and get totally rid of the advertisements without investing hundreds of Rupees.

Enjoy all the premium themes and try the world-class interfaces

Apart from the ad-free interface, you’ll also get awarded with all the unlocked themes inside Drupe Pro MOD APK. Yeah, you heard right, Here you can experience all the Pro themes like Blue, Glass Paris, They are coming, Blup Blup, Ferris Wheel, and the most impeccable Xmas series without paying a single cent. So what’re you waiting for, draw your own calling interface with your desired theme by installing this exclusive app!!

Advance Blocking of Unwanted Calls

As we told you above that Drupe Pro MOD APK works on advanced Caller ID technology. So similarly, this app will offer you the same features as the paid app TrueCaller. After downloading it in your smartphone, you can’t only get the details about your callers, but also you can block the unwanted harassment and Fraud calls to get secured of online threats.

Search and Contact all your nearby businesses

Can you ever imagine a Caller application working on Google Maps ethics? Impossible, right! But the Drupe Pro MOD APK will offer you details about all your nearby businesses like the Mobile Recharge Shops, Grocery Stores, Computer Repairing shops, Website Designing businesses, Stationaries and almost all kind of business on a single tap. Just download this app, and enter the Businesses section to know more about this feature!


Last Words

Drupe Pro MOD APK is a free app, and you can download it conveniently by tapping the below download link. It’s the only application, offering you all the themes free of charge with the most forward-looking feature – Nearby Businesses. Moreover, it’s a 100% safe and secure application as we’ve checked this app on more than ten different Android smartphones, and accordingly, it’s the best recreation ever developed. Download this creative app right now and get updates about all the unknown callers in an artistic app interface. Enjoy!!

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