About Alarmy – Joyful Alarm Clock

Alarmy is a popular alarm clock app with more than ten million downloads. If you have trouble getting up in the mornings, here’s an excellent solution: with this alarm clock, you will never worry about getting up at the right time again.

To make your day successful, you have to utilize all the available time, and a considerable part of it is lost in waking up late and lying in bed, so the app will help you stay productive.

It provides a photo mission where you have to take a photo of the registered place to stop the alarm and conformation that you are not on your bed. You can also register a barcode or a QR code to turn off the alarm.


The next mission is named squats, where you have to perform ten to twenty rounds of squats after waking up to free yourself from sleep and get into real life. You can also opt for a step mission where you have to take thirty to fifty steps after waking up to turn off the alarm.

If you don’t like the above options, now it’s time for a shake mission in which you have to shake your phone up to 999 tiles to dismiss the alarm. We have also provided you with all the premium unlocked features for free. So download its latest version now.

Get out of Your Bed

The first step for you is to get out of bed, so here comes Alarmy MOD APK to help you achieve it with its many missions.

Photo Mission: You must register a place, like your bathroom, where you will go just after you wake up. Then until you click a picture of the site and send it to the app, your alarm will not shut up.

Barcode Mission: You can register a barcode or a QR code for a book you want to read after waking up. So the alarm won’t get dismissed until you scan the code.

Squat Mission: If you like to exercise after waking up, set your target of ten to twenty rounds of squads to turn off your alarm.


Step Mission: Your alarm will turn off only when you have completed thirty to fifty steps after waking up.

Shake Mission: Shake your phone up to 999 times to dismiss your alarm after waking up.

Wake Up Your Brain

The first step was to get out of your bed and wake up your mind. So here are the missions Alarmy Premium APK offers for you.

Math Mission: To activate your brain’s full potential after sleep, you can solve simple or complex math problems.

Memory Mission: It launches a memorizing game that will help your brain kick-start and be productive right from the start of the day.

Typing Mission: You can type in your registered line or motivational quotes to start the day and your brain.


Stay Productive Throughout the Day

Once you have gotten out of bed and woken up your brain, it’s time to stay productive throughout the day, and Alarmy will help you achieve it.

Wake Up Check: During different times of the day, the app will send notifications where you must prove you are fully awake to turn off the alarm.

Sound Increases: if the alarm is ringing and you are still not awake, there will be lots of loud backup sounds to help you get up on time.


Quick Alarm: You can use its swift alarm feature when you have to be on time for a task and don’t have enough time to set up a sound alarm completely.

Wake-Up Call: When you click on the snooze button, the alarm will gradually increase its volume the next time it rings and even vibrate to give you a wake-up call.

Easy-to-Use UI

Alarmy has provided its users with an elegant, clean, easy-to-use, and productive UI that helps them quickly set up the required alarm and perform their tasks on time. Moreover, it keeps making changes to these settings to make them more user-friendly and accessible.

You can set up an alarm within a few seconds and click as you open the app, making it a much better choice than most other alarm apps.

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