What is Busuu: Learn Languages App?

Busuu is a language learning app with more than ten million downloads. You can use it to learn more than ten different languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russia, Polish, and more. It offers you a premium Spanish newspaper, El Pais, for free to learn Spanish for business and travel.

You can also learn basic to fluent English in it. Learn around three Japanese alphabets daily to increase your fluency in the language. You have to choose your desired course by selecting the language and the need for learning it. You can choose to retain it for travel, business, personal and other reasons. It offers excellent and well-detailed content made by experts in those languages.

You can start learning from being a beginner to a professional in months or weeks as you work hard. If you already know the basics, you can skip them and proceed with the following lessons. There are more than one hundred and twenty million native speakers of German, French, Spanish, English, and other languages. You can interact with them to ensure you are on the right track.


You can use the feedback from native speakers to improve your language skills. It automatically presents you with an organized time and schedule to learn your desired language. It has a vocabulary trainer that helps you check all the words you just learned. It also has an intelligent grammar tool to help you get the correct grammar.

You will get a certificate once your complete your language course, which you can show to your potential employer. You can also learn to use it in offline mode. We have provided all the premium unlocked features for free. So download its latest version now.


Award-Winning Language Courses

All the content in Busuu is created by expert teachers who have considerable authority in their language, which is much more than being a native speaker. You can learn more than ten popular languages like Spanish, German, French, English, etc. You can know them for holiday preparation, study language for free, business, travel, and more.

You can study this language from beginners to advanced levels and even skip the basics you already know them.


120 Million+ Native Speakers

Busuu allows you to interact with more than one hundred and twenty million native users of their respectable languages in the app. It helps you organize and maintain a daily schedule for learning your desired language and keeps you on track to avoid being lost. You can also get regular feedback from them to improve your language skills.


Vocabulary & Grammar

You can gain traction and grip on any language when you start using a vocabulary trainer to help you remember the essential words you just learned. Busuu MOD APK also has grammar review tools that enable you to deal with the grammar and composition aspects of the language.


User Friendly UI

Busuu has a great user experience. You will be awarded certificates at the end of your course to show your potential employer your course experience. You can also download your language course and learn it offline if you have internet issues. If you have any questions, you can ask in support sections and reply in more than ten languages.

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